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Описание товара

Complete with a verb in the correct tense.
Be worth, borrow, can’t afford, charge, cost, earn, inherit, invest, lend, owe, save, take out, waste
1. My uncle died and left me £2000. I … £2000 from my uncle.
2. I put some money aside every week for my next holiday. I … money every week.
3. I asked my brother to give me € 10 until next week. I … € 10 from him.
4. My brother gave me € 10 until next week. He … me € 10.
5. I often spend money on stupid things. I often … money.
6. I don’t have enough money to buy that car. I … to buy that car.
7. I had to pay the mechanic £100 to repair my car. The mechanic … me £100.
8. I went to the cash machine and got €200. I … €200 from the cash machine.
9. I bought a book. It was $25. The book … (me) $25.
10. Jim gave me £100. I haven’t paid it back yet. I … Jim £100.
11. I bought some shares in British Telecom. I … some money.
12. I work in a supermarket. They pay me €200 a month. I … €200 a month.
13. I could sell my house for about €200,000. My house … about €200,000.

Complete the preposition column.
1. I paid … the dinner last night.
2. When can you pay me … the money I lent you?
3. Would you like to pay … cash or … credit card.
4. I spent €50 … books yesterday.
5. I don’t like lending money … friends.
6. I borrowed a lot of money … the bank.
7. They charged us €60 … a bottle of wine.

Match the words and definitions.
cash machine, coin, loan, mortgage, note, salary, tax
1. … A piece of paper money.
2. … A piece of money made of metal.
3. … Money a person gets for the work he / she does.
4. … Money that you pay to the government.
5. … Money that somebody (or a bank) lends you.
6. … Money that you borrow from a bank to buy a house.
7. … A machine inside or outside a bank where you can get money.

2A. a. Correct the mistakes in the highlighted phrases.
I’ve never saw Star Wars. I’ve never seen
1. He left quite early but he yet hasn’t arrived.
2. We don’t see each other since we left school.
3. Have you ever wrote a poem?
4. She have never been to Istanbul.
5. I’ve lent him €50 last week, but he hasn’t paid me back yet.
6. I don’t see them often but I’ve known them since ten years.
7. What year have you left school?
8. We’re lost. We already have been down this road twice.
9. I sent her an email last week, but she doesn’t reply yet.
10. They live in that house since 1980.

b. Complete the dialogues with the past simple or present perfect.
I’ve already seen that film twice (already/see)
1. A: How long … at university? (you/be)
B: I … two years ago. I’m in my third year now. (start)
A: Do you live with your parents?
B: I … with them for the first two years but then I … into a student hostel last September and I … there since then. (live, move, live)

2. A: … a job yet? (your brother/find)
B: Yes, he … work in a hotel. (just/start)

3. A: …to Nobu – that new Japanese restaurant? (you/ever /be)
B: Yes, we … there for my birthday. (go)
A: What was it like?
B: The food … fantastic but it … a fortune! (be, cost)

a. Which of these sentences best describes your attitude to money?
1. All I want is enough money to enjoy life.
2. Money is very important to me. I’d like to earn as much as possible.
3. I would be happy to live with less money and fewer possessions.

b. You’re going to read an article about a woman who lives without money. Why do you think she does it? How do you think she survives? Read the article to find out.

c. Read the article and answer the questions.
1. What was Heidemarie’s job?
2. What possessions does she have now?
3. How did the experiment start?
4. Where has she lived since the experiment started?
5. Does she still work?
6. What does she do when she needs something?
7. What is she trying to show with her experiment?
8. What did she do with the money she earned from her

Дополнительная информация

d. Match the highlighted phrasal verbs with their definitions. Write the verbs in the infinitive.
1. throw away put into the rubbish bin
e.g. Please... those sweet papers.
2. stop (doing something)
e.g. He wants to... smoking.
3. arrive, appear
e.g. I invited 20 people to my party but only 10 will.
4. give something to somebody without wanting anything in return
e.g. She decided to... her old clothes to the local hospital
5. start a new company or organization
eg. My brother is going to... a software company.
6. be responsible for somebody or something
e.g. Nurses... people in hospital

e. In pairs, answer the questions.
1. Do you agree with Heidemarie that...?
- all jobs are equally important
- most people don´t like their jobs
- people judge you according to how much you earn
What do you think of Heidemarie?
Would you like to have her as a friend?

My life without money.
Heidemarie Schwermer, a 63-year-old German woman, has lived without money for the last ten years, and has written a book about her experiences called My life without money

At the age of 54 Heidemarie gave up her job as a psychotherapist, gave away all her money and her flat and threw away her credit cards. Today apart from a few clothes (three sweaters, two skirts, two pairs of shoes, and a coat) and a few personal belongings, she doesn’t own anything.
It all began as a one-year experiment. In her home city of Dortmund she set up a ´swapping circle´ where people swap services without using money, for example, a haircut for a mathematics class. To prove that this could work she decided to give up using money for a year. But when the year ended she continued and has not used money since then.
At first she house-sat for friends who were on holiday. She stayed in their house in return for watering the plants and looking after their animals. At the moment she is staying in a student residence where she can sleep, have a shower, or use a computer in return for cooking for the young people who live there. She also ‘works´ as a psychotherapist. ´Before I treated very wealthy people but now I help anyone who turns up. Sometimes they give me something in return but not always´ Heidemarie says, ´I can live thanks to my contacts. A lot of people who know me understand what I´m doing and want to help me. When I need a bus ticket for example, or a new tube of toothpaste I think, "Who can I ask? What can I give them in return?" If I want to go to the cinema, I might offer to look after somebody´s children for the afternoon.
It is one of the mistakes of our society that most people do something they don´t like just to earn money and spend it on things they don´t need. Many people judge you according to how much you earn. In my opinion, all jobs are equally important. You may not earn a lot of money but you may be worth a lot as a person. That´s my message.´
So what did she do with all the money she earned from the sales of My life without money?
I gave it all away…


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