Innovation management in personnel management test

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Innovation management in personnel management test, 65 questions

Exercise 1
1. Innovation management as a science studying the activity:
A) Only commercial organizations
B) Only the budgetary organizations
B) all activities

2. The process of introducing innovations to the market - is:
A) the commercialization process
B) the process of innovation
B) investment process

3. The main product market innovations (innovations) are:
A) the product of financial and trade activities
B) product production and technical activities
B) the product of intellectual activity

4. Capital provides investment:
A) repayable and competitive basis
B) All kinds of investments
B) on the basis of irrevocable

5. innovations are:
A) a new system of incentives;
B) new goods;
B) the fundamental scientific idea;
D) the object of the new technology.

Task 2
1. Innovation is characterized by:
A) kommertsializuemostyu innovation;
B) focus on satisfying the needs of the ideal developer;
B) The planned;
D) measurable results.

2. Is the innovation scientific and technical development, which can not be implemented in the next 13years?
A) Yes;
B) No;
B) Yes, when the planning horizon of 7 years;
D) Yes, after a specified period of time.

3. Innovation is different from other business processes:
A) focusing on commercialization;
B) Fundamental uncertainty;
In) low risk;
D) the nature of goal-setting.

4. Innovation potential - is:
A) a set of innovative resources;
B) the maximum size of the contribution to the effectiveness of the ID enterprise;
In) all innovative activity of the enterprise;
D) method of connecting innovative resources.

5. Innovation management as a science studying the activity:
A) Only commercial organizations
B) Only the budgetary organizations
B) all activities

Activity 3
1.Innovatsiya is only improving the product.
A) Yes
B) No

2.Dayte definition of innovation.
A) This is a new order, a new method of the invention
B) This is the use novshenstva
B) This is the final result of innovation, was embodied in a new (improved) product that has been put on the market, the new (improved) technological process used in practice.

3. What is the innovation management?
A) The collection methods, principles and forms of management of innovative processes, innovative activities, those activities organizational structures and personnel
B) The collection methods, principles and forms of management of innovation processes.
B) The research process of the organizational structure and management system napredmet viability, ensuring the competitiveness of the firm as a whole to further improve and enhance the effectiveness ixvozdeystviya on the effectiveness of the company.

4. Innovation is:
a) innovation;
b) innovation;
c) the process of innovation;
g) innovative activities;
d) the innovative potential.

5. Innovation management:
a) a set of management practices;
b) a set of methods and forms of innovation management;
c) an independent science.

Task 4

1. What are the most important properties of innovation.
A) The scientific and technological innovation, industrial applicability, adaptability
B) Adaptability, focused, scientific and technical novelty
B) Scientific and technological innovation, industrial applicability, tradability

2. What forms of innovation.
A) The intra-Simple, easy inter-institutional, advanced
B) Simple, natural, product
B) A simple, sophisticated, advanced

3. What is meant by the diffusion of innovation?
A) The process by which the innovation is transmitted over the communication channels between the members of the social system in time.
B) This spread had once mastered and used innovation in the new environment or field of application
B) It is a cumulative process of increasing the number of imitators (followers)
introducing innovations behind an innovator in anticipation of higher profits.
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Additional information

5. Define the early recipients.
A) It is entrepreneurs who pioneered innovation. They seek to obtain additional revenue through the early promotion of innovations to the market
B) Firms faced with a situation where a delay of innovations leads to the release of new products, which are already obsolete
B) Companies pioneered innovation in production, that provides them with additional income

Task 5

1. The objects of the infrastructure of science and innovations are:
a) corporations and associations;
b) public academies;
c) The parks
2. The gap arising between the implementation of these two types of innovation received the name - organizational lag.
a) basic (radical) and improved (incremental);
b) production and management;
c) the product and process.

3. The discount rate is determined on the basis of:
a) inflation index;
b) the refinancing rate of the Central Bank;
c) the income tax rate.

4. The development of a new method for the production of plastics refers to:
a) product innovation;
b) Process.

5. The high-tech products are:
a) The index reflecting the ratio between the scientific and technological activity and production in the form of the value of expenditures on science, per unit of output, provides a quantitative assessment;
b) A measure of readiness to perform tasks that ensure the achievement of the objectives of innovation, it is a measure of preparedness for the implementation of the project or program of innovative policy changes.

Task 6

1. The life cycle of innovation - is the period between:
A) creating a prototype and started mass production
B) the birth of ideas and the use of innovation
B) the beginning of the investment and a full refund

2. Life cycle of innovation is different from the product life cycle:
A) the presence of the stabilization stage;
B) the presence of the stage of development;
B) at a duration;
D) less investment.

3. The process of introducing innovations to the market - is:
4. The life cycle of innovation - is the period between:
5. What are the main stages of the innovation management.
. Task 7
1. What is basic research?
2. What are the reasons for the low percentage of implementation of the results of basic research in life.
3. The second phase of the life cycle of innovation include:
4. Mark the wrong answer. The life cycle of an innovative project includes the steps of:
5. organizational and management levels of innovation management include:
Task 8

1. The role of the enterprise in the innovation process is determined by:

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