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Examination for students of the correspondence department.
1. Learn the irregular verbs and complete the following tasks.
1 .In each question, choose the correct answer.
1. Samantha__her promise, so her sister does not trust her as much anymore.
1) break 2) broken 3) broke
2. Laura has_her own hair for the past 15 years. It usually looks g reat.
l) cut 2) cuts 3) cutting
3. I'm sorry. I'm really busy today, so I have to_______. I'll call you later.
1) go 2) went 3) gone
4. Sarah__Spanish really well. She lived in Mexico for five years.
1) speak 2) speaks 3) spoken
5.1_into an old friend yesterday. I have not seen her since middle school.
l) runs 2) run 3) ran
6. My father_our home in 1990, and he designed it as well.
1) builds 2) built 3) building.

II. Remember the days of the British and perform the following tasks:
1. Determine the time in every sentence, put the proposal to the Russian language.
1) Mother cooked a very tasty dinner yesterday.
2) James had been teaching at the university for more than a year before he left for Asia.
3) Where will your mother go tomorrow?
4) I have seen that movie twenty times.
5) What are you doing right now?
6) I will not have finished this test by 3 o'clock.
7) You will have been waiting for more than two hours when her plane finally arrives.
2. Expand the brackets, using the words of one of the following times: Present Continuous, Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Perfect.
1 .Who has (to write) this article?
2. Tomorrow Nick (not to go) to school.
3. Look! My friends (to play) football.
4. Kate (not to write) letters every day.
5. You (to see) your friend yesterday?
6. Your father (to go) on a business trip last month?
7. What Nick (to do) yesterday?
8. When Nick (to get) up every morning?
9. I (to invite) my friends to come to my place tomorrow.
10. He (not to play) the piano tomorrow.
11. We (to see) a very good film last Sunday.
12. He has just (to say) something about it.

III. Find a verb in a sentence and determine the time and pledge
1) The work was finished in time.
2) The child is taken care of.
3) They were being taught drawing at that lesson.
4) What has been said is true.
5) Nick was told to go home at once.
6) This play will be staged next Sunday.

IV. Put the verbs in the correct form (conditional sentence)
1) If you (to be) busy, I (to leave) you alone.
2) If you (not to buy) coffee, we (to drink) tea.
3) If he (to be) free tomorrow, he (to come) to our party.
4) As soon as I (to come) home, I (to ring) you up.
5) I (to read) that book, when I (to do) my work.


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