Англ, вариант 5 (Thermal radiation)

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Вариант № 5
I.Заполните пропуск. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
Задание № 1
The right to _________ has been described as a basic human right.
a) general knowledge
b) compulsory education
c) graduate courses
d) education
Задание № 2
There is a steady ________ for goods of this type.
a) demotion
b) demerger
c) demesne
d) demand
Задание № 3
The mass of a body is defined as the ________ of matter it contains.
a) quality
b) condition
c) measurement
d) quantity
Задание № 4
A mathematical description of the magnetic influence of electric currents and magnetic materials is …
a) current density
b) a magnetic field
c) a magnetic circuit
d) magnetic reluctance
Задание № 5
Donald is so ________ in the kitchen. I think he should be a professional chef.
a) сreatively
b) сreator
c) сreation
d) сreative
Задание № 6
«Are they good friends?». «No, they don´t like …».
a) them.
b) themselves.
c) each other.
d) they.
Задание № 7
We’ll have to walk a bit _______ if we want to arrive on time.
a) fast
b) more fast
c) more faster
d) faster
Задание № 8
George gave _______ to his father.
a) an Sunday Times
b) Sunday Times
c) the Sunday Times
d) a Sunday Times
Задание № 9
Please buy some fruit _______ the way home.
a) to
b) on
c) at
d) in
Задание № 10
I gave him the book __________ he might study the subject at home.
a) after
b) though
c) so that
d) because
Задание № 11
As soon as I _______ reading the article, I will give it to you.
a) shall finish
b) will finish
c) finish
d) would finish
Задание № 12
While _______this article he came across many difficulties.
a) being translating
b) to be translating
c) translating
d) having translated
Задание № 13
James Watt´s work helped to ________ the industrial revolution in Britain.
a) bring through
b) bring about
c) bring over
d) bring out
Задание № 14
You ________ do it today. You can do it tomorrow morning.
a) can´t
b) mustn´t
c) shouldn´t
d) needn´t

II. Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
Задание № 15
Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
Mother: «Could you do some shopping for me? »
Mary: «_______________»
a) Right away.
b) That’s right.
c) I quite agree with you.
d) It’s out of the question.
Задание № 16
Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
Receptionist: «________________».
Guest: «I’d like a single room for one night».
a) What is your name, please?
b) How long are you going to stay in the hotel?
c) Good morning, sir. I’m at your service.
d) What do you want, sir?
Задание № 17
Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
Teacher: «I would advise you to use these Internet sources».
Student: «_______________»
a) You are so intelligent!
b) You are a teacher. You seem to know better.
c) It goes without saying.
d) Certainly. I’ll study them as soon as possible.
Задание № 18
Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
A: «_________________».
B: «Turn right at the corner».
a) Listen! Can you show me the way to the bus stop?
b) I say! Tell me how to get to the bus stop
c) How can I get to the bus stop?
d) Pardon me, sir. Could you tell me how to get to the bus stop?

III. Заполните пропуск. Выберите правильный вариант ответа
Задание № 19
The wheel of the London Eye carries 32 sealed and air-conditioned ovoid passenger capsules, attached to its external circumference, each capsule representing one of the …
Задание № 20
A large shopping centre in the US is called a …
Задание № 21
The only country bordering Canada is …
Задание № 22
An English writer, poet, philologist, and university professor, best known as the author of the classic fantasy works The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion is …

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IV. Прочитайте и переведите на русский язык текст. Выполните задания после текста.
Thermal radiation
1. Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation generated by the thermal motion of charged particles in matter. All matter with a temperature greater than absolute zero emits thermal radiation. The mechanism is that bodies with a temperature above absolute zero have atoms or molecules with kinetic energies which are changing, and these changes result in charge-acceleration and/or dipole oscillation of the charges that compose the atoms. This motion of charges produces electromagnetic radiation in the usual way. However, the side spectrum of this radiation reflects the wide spectrum of energies and accelerations of the charges in any piece of matter at even a single temperature.
2. Examples of thermal radiation include the visible light and infrared light emitted by an incandescent light bulb, the infrared radiation emitted by animals and detectable with an infrared camera, and the cosmic microwave background radiation. Thermal radiation is different from thermal convection and thermal conduction – a person near a raging bonfire feels radiant heating from the fire, even if the surrounding air is very cold.
3. Sunlight is thermal radiation generated by the hot plasma of the Sun. The Earth also emits thermal radiation, but at a much lower intensity and different spectral distribution (infrared rather than visible) because it is cooler. The Earth´s absorption of solar radiation, followed by its outgoing thermal radiation are the two most important processes that determine the temperature and climate of the Earth.
Задание № 23
Содержанию текста соответствует утверждение …
a) Thermal radiation has similar characteristics as thermal conduction does.
b) At the temperature higher than absolute zero any matter gives off thermal radiation.
c) The infrared radiation can be perceived only by a human eye.
d) Thermal radiation can be only of terrestrial origin.
Задание № 24
Ответьте на вопрос:
What does solar light absorption by the Earth result in?
a) It intensifies thermal radiation.
b) It results in worsening the climate of the Earth.
c) It leads to thermal radiation emission.
d) It modifies other types of radiation.
Задание № 25
Завершите утверждение согласно содержанию текста.
Thermal radiation occurs …
a) regardless of the temperature of matter
b) in the result of the thermal motion of charged particles in matter
c) in the same way as thermal convection
d) on the Earth as intensively as on the Sun
Задание № 26
Основной идеей текста является …
a) Thermal radiation is generated by the thermal motion of charged particles in matter.
b) Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation which can be produced in different ways.
c) Thermal radiation can be perceived by a human eye or some technical devices....
Задание № 27
Расположите части делового письма в правильном порядке.
D. Barker
Yours sincerely,
Mr R. Morrison
P. Marlow & CO. LTD
21 Bird Street
London E1 6 TM
Unfortunately, we have not yet received the computers "OPTIMA
133" which were a part of this order. We would be grateful if you could deliver these as soon as possible or refund our money.
67,Upper Thames Street,
London, EC 4 V 3AH
17 May 2009
Dear MR Morrison,
Задание № 28
Перед Вами конверт.
Соотнесите информацию под определенным номером на конверте с тем, что она обозначает.
(1) Jackson Brothers
2520 Visita Avenue
(2) Olympia, WA 98501
John Wilson
(4) 4 New High Str
Задание № 29
Определите, к какому виду делового документа относится представленный ниже отрывок.
Задание № 30
Выберите слова или словосочетания для заполнения пропусков так, чтобы они отражали особенности оформления служебной записки:
To : (1) Katherine Chu,
From : (2) __________


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