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Practice 1 Complete the text with the following verbs:take,spend, grow, cut, leave, have, fall, become, sell, give, begin, build, find. Use the verbs in Past Simple.
Henry Ford, the son of farmer, was born in Greenfield, Michigan on July 30th, 1863. He (a) school at 15 to work on his father’s farm, but in 1979 he moved to Detroit where he (b) ... an apprentice in a machine shop. He returned to Greenfield after his father (c) him 40 acres to start his own farm. He hated farming and returned to Detroit to work as an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company. He (d) spent his spare time trying to build a petrol-driven motor car. In 1896 he (e) ... his first car in the garden. He named the car Thin Lizzie, and it (f) no reverse gear or brakes. Ford started two companies that ended in failure. Finally, in June 1903, he (g) 12 people ready to invest $28,000 in a new company. He (h) production of the Model A car. The car (i) was well, and by 1907 the profits reached $1,100,000. In 1909 Ford decided to manufacture only one type of car, the Model T. At first it (j) 14 hours to assemble a Model T car. Ford reduced this to 1 hour 33 minutes. This (k) the overall cost of each car and between 1908 and 1916 the selling price of the Model T (l) from $1,000 to $360. In the 1920s the Ford Motor Company (m)rapidly, and in 1925 Ford produced 60 per cent of America’s total output of cars. Henry Ford died on April 7th, 1947.

Practice 2 Complete the questions for this answers.
1. Why did Henry Ford leave school?
2. What did his father give him?
3. When did Henry Ford build his first car in the garden?
4. What did Ford decided to do in 1909?
5. How long at first did it take to assemble a Model T car?
6. How much did the selling price of the Model T fall?
7. When did Henry Ford die?

Practice 3 What does it refer to in these sentences? Choose from the following words: money, the press, a product, advertising, the service, unsold stock, production, the group’s headquarters, the chain.
1. Don’t tell me how to make it now, tell me how we’re going to make it in five years.
2. He founded it in 1995 and it now has 2,000 shops all over the world.
3. Most manufactures use a lot of it to help sell their products.
4. It is in small batches so there is no waste.
5. You can see their adverts in it.
6. Their shops never have it because they sell everything.
7. It is in daily contact with the stores all over the world.
8. If it doesn’t sell well, they stop making it and try producing something else.
9. If it is not good in a shop, than people do not buy things.

Дополнительная информация

Practice 4.Match the sentence beginnings a-h with the correct endings 1-8.
a I’m phoning the hotel because I want to change my reservation.
b He’s working at home because the product has a fault.
c We’re modifying the design because our coasts are too high.
d He’s running because he’s late for the meeting.
e We’re increasing production because of the demand at this time of year.
f They’re working at the weekends because their project is behind schedule.
g The company is losing money because the trains are on strike.
h She’s living in a hotel because she hasn’t got a house in this country.

1…our coasts are too high.
2…he’s late for the meeting.
3…she hasn’t got a house in this country.
4…the trains are on strike.
5....I want to change my reservation.
6....the product has a fault.
7…of the demand at this time of year.
8…their project is behind schedule.


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