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Упражнение 1. Переведите письменно следующий текст.
Directors And Managers, Secretaries
As a rule a private company has only one director. A. public company must have at least two directors. Usually there is no upper limit, on the number of directors, a public company may have. The company’s note paper must list either all or none of the names of its directors.
A limited liability company or а corporation is headed by the board of directors elected by shareholders. The directors appoint one of their number to the position of managing director to be in charge of the day-to-day running of the company. In large organizations managing director is often assisted by a general manager. Some companies also have assistant general manager. Many directors have deputies who are named deputy directors.
Directors need not be shareholders. They are responsible for the management of a company’s affairs. They are not subject to any residence or nationality restrictions.
Big companies have many managers heading departments. They are all responsible to the managing director. Among various departmental managers the following can be mentioned:
•sales manager
•personnel / staff manager
•chief manager
•district manager
•production manager
•sales and marketing manager
•industrial engineering manager etc.
There are two types of secretaries: company secretaries and private secretaries of executives.
Every company, both in Great Britain and the United States, is required, under the law, to have a company secretary. In the case of private companies the directors are free to appoint any suitable person for this position. But in the case of public companies the company secretary must be a properly qualified person, a member of a recognized institute or association. He or she may be one of the directors of the company. But if the company has only one director, the director cannot also be the secretary.
The company secretary is the chief administrative officer (CAO) of the company. He or she is normally responsible for the company, to comply with company law. The correspondence of the company secretary is particularly concerned with shareholders’ meetings, board meetings and various forms that must be sent outside. The company secretary may also deal with enquiries for information concerning other firms, although the accounts department often handles these matters. Administrative questions come into the sphere of the company secretary under instructions of the board of directors.
As to private secretaries of executives they are practically personal assistants of executives. A secretary answers telephone calls, receives messages and makes telephone calls on the instruction of her boss. A secretary also helps in organization of meetings and conferences, entertainments of visiting customers, suppliers and other associates of the firm. She also deals with all the correspondence of her boss. Secretaries write letters on making appointments or travel arrangements, letters of introduction, congratulation or condolence, invitations and replies to invitations. Secretaries use various office equipment, like computers, fax machines, photocopying machines and others.

Упражнение 2. Спишите вопросы и дайте письменный ответ на них.
1.How many directors can a private company have?
2.And what about a public company?
3.Who heads a limited liability company?
4.How is managing director appointed?
5.What are his duties?
6.Who is general manager?
7.What do managers usually head?
8.What managers are there in companies?
9.What is the status of a company secretary?
10.What is a private secretary responsible for?

Упражнение 3. Найдите в тексте и выпишите английские эквиваленты для следующих слов и выражении. Выучите их.
совет директоровдолжным образом

Additional information

управляющийзаниматься данным вопросом
управлять компаниейпартнер, компаньон
подпадать под действие ограниченийназначать встречу
быть ответственным перед кем-л. засоболезнование

Упражнение 4. Заполните пропуски глаголами в соответствующей форме.
buy sell spend win lose waste pay find cost give

1. My car was five years old so I ... it and ... a new one.
2. I was very sad when I ... my watch in the street. It was a present from my wife and it ... her a lot of money. Fortunately, somebody ... it the next day and took it to a Police Station.
3. I ... over $2,000 for my computer, but it isn’t worth very much now.
4. My father ... me $ 50 last week but I ... most of it on a ticket for a concert on Friday.
5. Last week somebody ... $1m in a game on television. It was incredibly exciting.
6. I’m afraid I ... my money on those CDs because I never play them.

Упражнение 5. Используя будущее неопределенное время, согласитесь и пообещайте сделать требуемое.
Пример: A:Can you clean the windows? В: Sure, I´ll clean them today.
A: Do you promise? B: Yes. I promise I’ll clean them this afternoon.
1. A: Can you phone me later? B: Sure, ... tonight.
A: Do you promise? B: Yes, ...
2. A: Can you repair the clock? B: Okay, ... tomorrow.
A: Do ...? B: ....
3. A. Please don’t tell anyone. В: All right, I won’t tell anyone.
A: ...? B: ...
4. A: Please don´t go there. В: Don’t worry, ...
A: ...? B: ...

Упражнение 6. Ответьте на вопросы, используя данные в скобках слова.
Пример: When do you think he’ll arrive? (expect / tonight)
I expect he´ll arrive tonight.
1. What do you think she’ll say? (probably / nothing)
She ...
2. Where do you think he’ll go? (expect / London)
I ...
3. When do you think they’ll leave? (think / tomorrow)
I ...
4. How do you think we’ll get there? (expect / by train)
I ...
5. When do you think we’ll be back? (think / quite soon)
I ...
6. Do you think he’ll miss her? (I’m sure / very much)
Yes, ...


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