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I.Переведите текст на русский язык.
Every year a lot of international, national and specialized exhibitions and fairs are held in different countries of the world. The number of countries and companies which take part in them is growing from year to year and the scope of fairs and exhibitions is becoming larger.
The display during these exhibitions includes a wide range of exhibits which show the latest achievements in different field of industry, science and agriculture of many countries.
Usually fairs and exhibitions are crowded with visitors, who show much interest in the exhibits on display.
At international and national exhibitions commercial centres are established where participants can negotiate the sale and the purchase of different goods.
Every exhibition helps visitors to see the achievements of different countries. It is also a method to advertise products. Fairs and exhibitions are usually held under various mottoes: people and progress, peace and progress through economic cooperation and so on. International fairs and exhibitions pave the way for the consolidation of friendship among countries and nations.
II. Перепишите вопросы к тексту, переведите их, дайте развернутые ответы на английском языке.
1.What kind of exhibitions and fairs are held every year?
2.What does the display during the exhibitions include?
3.Where are commercial centres established?
4.What does every exhibition help all visitors to see?
5.What are usual mottoes of the exhibitions and fairs?
6.For what do international fairs and exhibitions pave way?

III. Перепишите предложения, поставьте в местах пропусков нужный артикль, переведите предложения.
1. The Ukrainian exhibition held in New York in 1994 was … great success...
2. All the newspapers wrote about … success of the Ukrainian exhibition.
3. We are proud of … progress which is made by our country in … field of … heavy industry.
4. The fair was held under ... motto: ... Peace and ... progress to all nations.
5. … industry of Ukraine has … difficulties at ... present time.
6. This year we must present ... new model of ... equipment on ... world market.

IV. Переведите диалог на русский язык.
Last month, Mr. Boichuk, an engineer from Ukrimport, had instructions to visit an exhibition of electronic equipment which was held at Olimpia in London. (Olimpia — большой выставочный зал в Лондоне).
Ukrimport was interested in purchasing computers of the latest model.
The model R 800 computer of “Wilson and Co.” attracted Boichuk’s attention. After he had seen the computer in operation he got in touch with Mr. Adams, the Sales Manager of the company, to start talks for the purchase of computers.
B: Good morning, Mr. Adams. Here is my card.
A: Good morning. I’m glad to meet you. How do you like our stand?
B: Oh, it’s really interesting. We’ve had a happy chance to see your latest achievements in electronic industry. I must say you’ve made much progress in this field.
A: Glad to hear that.
B: Mr. Adams, your stand-attendant has just shown me the Model 800 computer in operation. Is it for sale?
A: Certainly. It’s an up-to-date model. It was introduced into the world market six months ago and since then has been a great success. So I’m not surprised you got interested in it.
B: Yes, I was impressed by its efficient performance and I liked the finish too.
A: The computer meets the highest world standards.
B: But as you know, Mr. Adams, to buy a computer is only half the business. You must have your own operators and programmers to operate the equipment. I’d like to know if it will be possible to send our specialists here so that they could get good training at your plants.
A: No problem to arrange it.
B: Fine. As soon as I come back to Kyiv we’ll send you our inquiry.

Additional information

V. Перепишите вопросы к тексту, переведите их, дайте расширенные ответы на английском языке.
1. What is the working position of Mr. Boichuk?
2. What instructions did Mr. Boichuk have?
3. In what was Ukrimport interested?
4. What attracted Mr. Boichuk’s attention?
5. With who did Mr. Boichuk get in touch after he had seen the computer?
6. What did Mr. Adams tell Mr. Boichuk about the Model 800?
7. What did Mr. Boichuk promise to do when he would come back to Kyiv?

VI. Перепишите предложения. Поставьте в местах пропуска нужные предлоги. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. Many different exhibitions are held … our country every year.
2. Ukraine will take part … this fair next year.
3. The scope … fairs and exhibitions is becoming larger.
4. Our country is interested … this equipment.
5. We want to buy the computers ... the latest model.
6. Mr. Boichuk wanted to get ... touch ... Mr. Adams.
7. Exhibitions and fairs are held … different mottoes.
8. Exhibitions and fairs pave the way … peace and co-operations … peoples .
9. This country has a great success … the field of heavy industry.
10. To buy the computer is only half … the business.

VII. Перепишите предложения и переведите их на английский язык.
1. Много различных выставок и ярмарок проводится в мире ежегодно.
2. Много фирм и компаний принимает участие в выставках.
3. Любая выставка — это способ рекламы продукции фирм.
4. Украина приняла участие в выставке электронного оборудования в Лондоне в прошлом году.
5. Сколько специализированных выставок будет проведено в Киеве в этом году?
6. Фирма заинтересована в покупке компьютеров этой модели.


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