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Вариант № 1.
(Выполняется студентами, фамилии которых начинаются
с букв А – Н).

Раздел 1.
Lexis and grammar key points
1.1. (5 x 1 points) Phonetics. Choose the words in which EA has the same pronunciation as in TEAM. Tick (√) the correct variant(s) in the boxes.
1: to read
2: reason
3: treasure
4: pleasant
5: health

1.2. (5 x 1 points) Lexis. Complete the sentences putting in phrasal verbs according to the meaning. Write your answers (figures 1 – 6) in the boxes.
1: Sorry I’m late. The car a: took off
2: … ! There is a car comingb: get up
3: It was my first flight. I was nervous as the plane c: get on
4: I was very tired this morning. I couldn’t d: look out
5: How was the exam? How did you … ? e: broke down
6: My French isn’t very good but it’s enough to

1.3. (4 x 1 points) Choose the best way to say these numbers. (Sometimes more than one way is possible.) Write your answers (letters A, B, C, D) in the boxes.

1.4. (5 x 2 points) Replace each word or phrase underlined with a word or phrase from the list which has the opposite meaning. Write your answers in the boxes.
cash generous profit save well off expensive poverty purchase take out worthless
1.I was surprised by how mean Charles was.
2.Janet says that she is very hard up at the moment.
3.Last year their business made a huge loss.
4.I´d like to pay in £100 please.
5.That part of Spain always seems very cheap to me.

1.5. (4 x 2 points) Match the words with the appropriate definitions. (There are extra words.) Write your answers in the boxes.
equation, bookkeeper, posting, debit, book of accounts,
single-entry system, revenues, double-entry system
1.The ledger
2.Assets + expenses = liabilities + equity + revenue
3.A change in account
4.Money that a business or organization receives over a period of time

1.6. (5 x 2 points) Match the words with the appropriate definitions. (There are extra words.) Write your answers in the boxes.
managerial accounting, tax accounting, financial accounting, SEC, employ, audit, white-collar worker, FBI,
government accountants, investigate
1.Preparation of financial information designed for use by manage-ment and decision makers inside the business entity.
2.A person who works in an office.
3.To try to find out the truth about or the cause of something such as crime, accident or scientific problem.
4.A department in the US that deals with crimes that break national laws rather than state laws.
5.To use somebody’s labour or services in exchange for money.

Раздел 2.
English for Business Communication
2.1. (4 x 2 points) Ethics. A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Three answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Write your answers (letters A, B or C) in the boxes.
If you’re doing business abroad, it’s useful to know about local customs.
1)If you’re doing business with a German, you have to shake hands when you … .
2)In Asia you have to give presents to business contacts … .

Additional information

1)The Belgians drink … litres per head than Danes.
2) The Belgians drink … than the Irish.
2.3. (7 x 2 points) Read this e-mail on creative accounting and then decide if the statements below are true or false. Write your answers in the boxes.
Subject: Creative accounting
From: Rupert Greene
To: Javier Estrada
Hi Javier
At our meeting yesterday you asked me to send you some background info on creative accounting, and in particular off-balance-sheet accounting.
Basically there is quite a bit of flexibility in the way we can interpret the standards and principles of accounting. For example, we may want to report bigger profits so that we can attract investors on the capital markets. On the other hand, smaller profits may be better so that we pay less tax. The problem is that the line between truthful and misleading representation of figures is sometimes very thin, and this is where people get into trouble....

1.Accountants agree that creative accounting is a good thing.
2.Off-balance-sheet accounting is one way of creative accounting – there are others.
3.Creative accounting is sometimes used to try and attract more investors.
4.Accountants are allowed some flexibility in the way they present accounts.
5.Leasing is actually illegal.
6.Big profits mean paying less tax.
7.When a company leases an asset, the accountant doesn’t have to include it in the accounts.

2.4. (15 points) Write an essay.
How do you understand the term “accountant”?

Раздел 3.
Reading and comprehension
3.1. (8 points) Translate the following text into Russian.
Financial Accounting
Accountants practice in three fields of accounting – financial accounting, managerial accounting, and tax accounting. The actual work done by an accountant depends on both the field and whether the person is a private, public, or government accountant. Table 1 identifies the specific activities of the three types of accountants within these fields.......

3.2. (11 points) Translate the text from Russian into English.
Ни одна компания не может обойтись без услуг квалифицированного бухгалтера, в обязанности которого входит учет финансовой деятельности. По этой причине необходимо нанять специалиста, способного привести вашу фирму к процветанию, не совершающего ошибок, от которых зависит успех организации.
Можно нанять штатного бухгалтера, но есть и другой способ решения этой задачи – прибегнуть к помощи сторонней фирмы, где трудятся опытные специалисты в области финансов и аудита. Ими выступают бухгалтеры компании НАКо, которым доверяют свои финансы фирмы различных направлений деятельности.
Самым важным для успеха любой организации является нулевая отчетность и отсутствие проблем с налоговыми органами. Решение подобных задач ложиться на плечи бухгалтера, поэтому он должен обладать опытом и твердыми знаниями, а также решительностью, чтобы уладить возникший вопрос быстро и эффективно. Компания НАКо удовлетворит все ваши требования, и владельцы фирмы смогут засыпать спокойно, потому что волнения останутся в прошлом.
Обращаясь в бухгалтерскую фирму, вы можете заказать как отдельные услуги, так и комплексное ведение бухгалтерского учета, чтобы снять со своих плеч проблемы с финансами. Компания также предоставляет аудиторские услуги, поэтому сотрудничество с настоящими профессионалами принесет пользу и удовлетворение.
Настоящий бухгалтер должен быть разносторонним и уметь пользоваться специальными программами, а также взаимодействовать с различными государственными органами. Все эти услуги вы получите, если обратитесь в компанию НАКо, к тому же появится возможность консультироваться со специалистами по любому возникшему вопросу. Таким образом, финансовая деятельность вашей фирмы всегда будет находиться под контролем и строгим учетом. ....


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