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Lessons 24 26
I. Вставьте пропущенные слова:
1.The dentist is to ... your bad tooth.
1. occur2. invade3. multiply4.disappear5. extract
2.Phagocytes .,. and destroy certain microbes.
1. pass2. report3. catch4.invade5. disappear
3.The ... was not favourable however the pneumococci continued to multiply.
1. size2.skin3. environment 4. throat 5.plant
4.The skin was ...by some infection.
1. disappeared2. impaired 3. reported 4. revealed 5. multiplied
5.Inner organs are covered with ... .
l. size2. property3. mucus4.drug5. wound

II Укажите правильный перевод модальных глаголов них эквивалентов:
1.The medical students должны remember all Latin anatomical terms.
1. can2. may3. must
2.The sixth-year student может diagnose different diseases.
l.can2. may3.must
3. A nurse will должна будет to take care of patients.
1. must2. has3. have
4.Можно we watch this film on TV in the evening.
1. can2. may3. must
5.The patient должен был to stay in bed for 3 days.
1. was able2. had3. was allowed

Ш. Переведите на русский язык предложения, в которых глагол - сказуемое выражает долженствование;
1.We shall be to take this drug tomorrow.
2.The infant has to be fed regularly.
3.I have an interesting book to be read.
4.The scientist has to carry on numerous experiments on animals before treating people with new drug.
5.Louis Pasteur was a prominent French chemist.

IV. Переведите предложения на русский язык:
1.The investigator observed the same phenomenon in all his experiments.
2.To read much is useful for every person.
3.One must take care of one’s teeth.
4.Не has caught a bad cold recently.
5.You must take the same drug you took last year.
6.The infant had to move as much as possible for the proper development of the body.
7.If any smallest wound exists then bacteria can pass into the tissue.
8.Here is the text to be translated immediately.
9.The boy has impaired something in the abdomen when he fell down.
10.Fleming was the first to extract penicillin in its pure form.

Lessons 27-28
I. Укажите номера предложений, в которых соблюдается правило употребления Present вместо Future:
1.Soon he will start to work at school as a teacher of English.
2.If I walk it takes me 30 minutes.
3.The patient complains of the pain in the stomach when something is wrong with it.
4.I shall go to the Institute on foot tomorrow if it does not rain.
5.If I have time I shall go to the hospital.
6.The physician will administer you a low salt diet if you have a bed kidney disease.

II Укажите номера предложений, в которых употреблен Passive Continuous:
1.The infant was being fed artificially during the mother’s illness.
2.The physician will be examining this patient tomorrow at 10 o’clock.
3.He was listening to this patient’s lungs when we came to see him.
4.New rest homes are being built all over the country.
5.The surgeon was preparing for the operation.
6.The process of infection was being controlled during antibiotic treatment.

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III. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1.Her eyes gave away her feelings.
2.The specific features of phagocytes will be destroyed if the environment becomes unfavourable.
3.This medicine can be administered both orally and by injections.
4.The physician observed changes neither in the liver nor in the kidneys.
5.At the policlinic you may consult either a neurologist or a surgeon.
6. The functions of the right upper extremity were being restored during the treatment at the clinic.
7.The physician also determined that the patient felt discomfort in the chest.
8.These procedures had to control the cough and impaired breathing.
9.The temperature chart was being filled in by the nurse when I came in.
10.Both dry and moist rales are heard in the lungs.

Lessons 29 - 33
I. Определите -ing формы:
1.Причастие I
3.Отглагольное существительное
1.Не is afraid of catching cold.
2.Nobody doubts these findings.
3.A label is used for indicating the dose of medicine.
4.I don’t remember having seen him before.
5.The attending doctor must know what the patient’s complaints and symptoms are.
6.His rapid leaving the city was due to his mother’s disease.
7.My leg is troubling me.

II Укажите функции герундия:
1. Подлежащее 2. Часть сказуемого 3. Определение 4, Дополнение 5. Обстоятельство
1.In making scientific observations one must be particularly careful.
2.Treating patients ill with lobar pneumonia is necessary at the in-patient department.
3.His favourite sport is fishing.
4.Cardiac impairments are revealed by taking electrocardiograms.
5.The physician remembered his having treated such a case of bronchitis.
6.There is no hope of seeing him soon.

III.Переведите предложения:
1.The physician making the evening round of the wards is a doctor on duty.
2.The doctor prescribed me vitamin injections.
3.Indicating the dose and the name of any medicine is necessary for chemists, nurses, doctors and patients themselves.
4.It is a nurse who applies cups to patients at the in-patient department.
5.The physician asked the patient if his parents were living.
6.In an hour he received a small bottle with a white label on it.
7.Eating too much is harmful for the health
8.Having been treated for a prolonged period of time the patient began to feel better.
9.If your condition does not become better I shall have to hospitalize you.
10.This medicine relieved the pain in his heart.


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