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A Scraper
As a matter of fact, Lucy studies computer programs at the office. She studies Windows and Word, translates business letters and applications from English into Russian and from Russian into English. She makes translations not badly, because she knows and speaks English well. But very often when she works, a strange thing with big sad eyes comes to a page and stays there. Lucy looks at the screen, sees a scraper, and she does not know what to do. She calls Max and Alex, shows them the scraper and asked them: "What is it?" Alex answers: "It's a scraper. A funny thing. "Max asks:" Do you know a story about it? "
"No", says Lucy. "Then listen", says Max. "Very often this scraper comes to pages, for it wants to give people advice. It thinks that it is very pretty and clever, but it is not. It thinks that it helps people to work, but it does not. It thinks that it understands much and we understand little, but it is not right. "" Does the scraper think that it is perfect? \u200b\u200b"Asks Lucy. "It does. The scraper is sure that it is perfect. It says: "Look here. I am perfect. I do not eat, I do not drink, I do not smoke, I spend all my time at the office, and I know a lot of things. "" What does it know? "Asks Lucy. "Not much", says Alex. "It does not translate articles, it does not correct mistakes, and it does not receive letters. It only bothers. "" It's a pity ", says Lucy.

1) Answer the questions in the text
1. What does Lucy study at the office?
2. What kind of letters does she translate?
3. Does she speak English well?
4. What kind of thing sometimes comes to a page when Lucy is working?
5. Why does she call Max and Alex?
6. Does Lucy know a story about a scraper?
7. Why does the scraper come to pages?
8. Is the scraper very pretty and clever?
9. Does it like to give advice?
10. Does it help people to work?
11. Is it right, that the scraper understands much and we understand little?
12. Why is the scraper sure, that it is perfect?
13. Does it know much?
14. Does the scraper translate articles, correct mistakes and receive letters?

2) Replace the pronouns, and many much in negative sentences respectively pronouns few, a few or a little, a little in the affirmative sentences. Turn suggestions on the Russian language:
eg I do not have many English books. - I have few English books. I have a few English books.
1. My brother does not have many friends.
2. Usually my mother does not ask me many questions.
3. My sister does not play these computer games many times.
4. We do not have many programmers at the office.
5. Our parents do not buy many newspapers every day.
6. Many people do not like to listen to bad news.
7. This lawyer does not have much work.
8. Our chief is busy. He does not have much time today.
9. These people do not have much money.
10. This woman does not buy much coffee.
11. I do not have much sugar in my tea.

Additional information

3) Answer the questions with a look to be sure:
1. Are you always sure that you are right?
2. Are you sure that you speak English well?
3. Are you sure that you - do not make mistakes?
4. Are you sure that you are clever?
5. Are you sure that you know Word well?
6. Are you sure that you understand your friends?
7. Are you sure that your friend was born on the 2 of November?
8. Are you sure that it is 3 o'clock now?
9. Are you sure that it is not cold in the street?
10. Are you sure that your colleagues like you?
11. Are you sure that your advice is always good?

4) Fill in the blanks of articles:
1. Max is ... .very good friend.
2. Lucy's brother is ..... good boy.
3. «Hamlet» is ..... very good book.
4. In ..... first picture you see ..... people in .... country. They have ..... lunch in ..... small garden in ..... afternoon.
5. Will you open ..... window and will you close .... door, please.
6. Do you like to play ..... golf in ...... September?
7 ...... first poet of Russia was bom on .... 6th of ..... June 1799.
8. You make .... lot of mistakes in- .. ". home
9. Do you have ..... little money? Will you buy ..... newspaper, please.
10. It's ..... pity, that ..... boy learns only ..... few new words every day.


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