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Вариант №2
I. Найдите русские эквиваленты английским конструкциям.
1. оборудование соответствует качественным показателям, обусловленным контрактом;
2. у покупателя нет обоснованных претензий;
3. пятнадцать процентов стоимости поставленного оборудования должны быть выплачены по истечении гарантийного периода;
4. в течение пятидесяти дней со дня получения документов на инкассо;
5. все расходы банка продавца оплачивает продавец;
6. платежи должны быть произведены;
7. специфицированный счет продавца с указанием номера контракта.

a) payments are to be effected
b) within sixty days of the date of receipt of the documents for collection
c) Seller’s specified invoice where Contract number is to be indicated
d) fifteen per cent of value of the delivered equipment are to be paid upon expiration of the guarantee period
e) the equipment corresponds to the qualitative index stipulated in the Contract
f) there are no grounded claims from the Buyer
g) all expenses of the Seller’s bank are to be borne by the Seller

II. Переведите следующие статьи контракта на русский язык.
Inter-party Trade
Trade between "The Parties” shall be conducted with the almost good faith in the consummations of the transaction agreed upon from time to time.
"The parties” agree that "The Agreement” will suffice as the agreement between them for finance and that no other financial documents will be required for financing any trade between "The Parties”
Profit Utilization
"The Parties” agree that any Russian Rouble profits will be utilize firstly for purchasing raw materials and commodities for export and any roubles not required for such purchasing will be invested in real estate in Russia for the joint benefit of "The Parties”/ "The Parties” agree that any foreign currency or "valuta” profits generated by the offshore company in excess of that required to purchase commodities for trading in Russia will be equally divided between "The Parties” each as to its share.
Profit Utilization Exclusion
The first barter deal between "The Parties” (Appendix A) is specifically excluded from profit sharing under this agreement and all the profit from this first deal will accrue solely to "The Seller” is payment for commodities supplied to Russia under another contract.

III. Перепишите письма и переведите их текст на русский язык.
1. Bombay, 22nd Sept., 1999
Dear Sirs,
We thank you for your letter dated the 18th September with which you send us your catalogue of Compressors.
Yours faithfully,
2.Moscow, 2nd March, 1998
Dear Sirs,
We have received your letter of the 28th February and send it to our Clients for their consideration. We will inform you of their decision in a few days.
Yours faithfully,

3.Moscow, 10th Dec., 1999
Dear Sirs,
Lada Cars, Contract dated 5th June, 19..
We are obliged for your letter of the 5th December. We are contacting the plant producing Lada Cars on the questions raised by you and will write to you immediately upon receipt of their reply.
Yours faithfully,

IV. Вставьте, где требуется предлоги и переведите на русский язык.
1. Please inform … your decision immediately.
2. We will write … you … this question few days.
3. We are obliged to ask … your letter … yesterday’s date … which you sent us your catalogue of Compressors.
4. We will write … you again … receipt … your catalogue.
5. Our letter … the 15th May was sent … reply … your telegram … the same.

V. Переведите на русский язык и составьте диалог, подобный данному.
Telephone Conversation
Mr. Brown: Is that Ross export? Put me through to Mr. Petrov, please.
Secretary: His number is engaged at the moment. Hold on a minute, please … Are you there? I’m putting you through now.

Additional information

Petrov: Mr. Petrov speaking.
Mr. Brown: Good morning, Mr. Petrov. This is Mr. Brown of Smith & Company, Ltd, speaking. Can you tell me whether you've already chartered a steamer for the transportation of ore against Contract No 25?
Petrov: Yes, we have. The name of the vessel is "Pirogov".
Mr. Brown: I can not hear you. How do you spell the name of the steamer?
Petrov: P for Peter, I for Isaac, R for Robert, O for orange, G for George, O for orange and V for Valentine - Pirogov.
Mr. Brown - Will you, please, spell it again?
Petrov: P for Peter, I for Isaac, R for Robert, O for orange, G for George, O for orange and V for Valentine.
Mr. Brown: Thank you. I've got it now: Pi-ro-gov. Please send us a copy of the Charter-Party for this boat.
Petrov: We sent it to you yesterday.
Mr. Brown: Thank you, Mr. Petrov. That's all. Good-bye.
Petrov: Good-bye.


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