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Option number 2
I. Fill in the blanks. Turn suggestions on the Russian language.
Task number 1
The right to _________ has been described as a basic human right.
a) graduate courses
b) general knowledge
c) compulsory education
d) education
Task number 2
There is a steady ________ for goods of this type.
a) demesne
b) demotion
c) demerger
d) demand
Task number 3
He asked the student to _______ the unit of resistance more accurately.
a) amplify
b) define
c) control
d) respond
Task number 4
A state of matter in which the matter behaves like a fluid with zero viscosity is ...
a) avapour
b) superconductivity
c) superfluidity
d) plasma
Task number 5
I can not _______ that terrible noise any longer.
a) tolerant
b) tolerable
c) tolerate
d) toleration
Setting the number 6
The gold ring _______ he gave her on their wedding anniversary was very expensive.
a) whose
b) what
c) that
d) such
Target number 7
Nike _______ plays volleyball. He plays basketball instead.
a) far longer
b) no longer
c) longer
d) a little longer
Task number 8
London was founded in _______ century BC by Julius Caesar.
a) an 1st
b) a 1st
c) the 1st
d) 1st
Setting the number 9
Please buy some fruit _______ the way home.
a) on
b) at
c) in
d) to
Task number 10
At 11.40 pm, ______ most of the passengers were asleep, an iceberg hit the Titanic and made holes in her.
a) while
b) though
c) after
d) because
Task number 11
The Prime Minister's Election _______ soon.
a) will hold
b) held
c) will held
d) will be held
Task number 12
David is at our London office today, ______ some visitors from abroad.
a) to meet
b) meeting
c) having met
d) met
Task number 13
A mechanic will carry ________ a full inspection of the car to see what caused the problem.
a) through
b) out
c) on
d) away
Task number 14
Little children like books with large print. They ________ read them more easily.
a) should
b) have to
c) can
d) must

II. Select a replica, the most relevant communicative situation
Task number 15
Select a replica, the most relevant communicative situation
Friend: «You should go and see the exhibition».
You: «__________________»
a) I can not. I'm very busy at the moment.
b) I'll think it over.
c) How about going to the exhibition?
d) Let's go.
Task number 16
Select a replica, the most relevant communicative situation
Mr Hill: «Good morning, I have an appointment with Mr James».
Receptionist: «________________».
a) Good morning. What can I do for you?
b) Mr Jones is in conference just now. He'll be free soon.
c) Please take a sit for a moment, sir. I'll tell Mr James you are here.
d) Good morning. I'm happy to see you. How are you?
Task number 17
Select a replica, the most relevant communicative situation
Teacher: «Give me that book. Will you? »
Student: «_______________».
a) Just a minute.
b) Very well, then.
c) I could not say for sure.
d) Most certainly.
Task number 18
Select a replica, the most relevant communicative situation
A: «_________________».
B: «Turn right at the corner».
a) Listen! Can you show me the way to the bus stop?
b) I say! Tell me how to get to the bus stop
c) How can I get to the bus stop?
d) Pardon me, sir. Could you tell me how to get to the bus stop?

III. Fill in the blanks. Choose the correct answer
Task number 19
The national holiday which takes place each year on the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II marked by a military parade and march-past is called ...
a) St. Patrick's Day.
b) Remembrance Day.
c) St. George's Day.
d) Trooping of the Colour.
Task number 20
A traditional sweet dessert on Thanksgiving Day in the USA is a ...
a) rhubarb pi

Additional information

IV. Read and translated into Russian text. Complete the following text.
Renewable energy
1. Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources. In its various forms, it derives directly from the sun, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat. Renewable energy is derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly. Each of these sources has unique characteristics which influence how and where they are used.
2. The majority of renewable energy technologies are powered by the sun. The Earth-Atmosphere system is in equilibrium so that heat radiation into space is equal to incoming solar radiation, the resulting level of energy within the Earth-Atmosphere system can roughly be described as the Earth's "climate."
3. The hydrosphere absorbs a major fraction of the incoming radiation. Most radiation is absorbed at low latitudes around the equator, but this energy is dissipated around the globe in the form of winds and ocean currents. Wave motion may play a role in the process of transferring mechanical energy between the atmosphere and the ocean through wind stress. Solar energy is also responsible for the distribution of precipitation which is tapped by hydroelectric projects, and for the growth of plants used to create biofuels ......
Task number 23
Decide which statement corresponds to the content of the text.
a) All renewable energy is generated by the Sun.
b) Sources of renewable energy have much in common.
c) Some renewable energy technologies being criticized, the renewable energy market is increasing.
d) The Earth «climate» constitutes the resulting level of energy solar radiation.
Task number 24
Answer the question
What power do most renewable energy technologies use?
a) The hydrosphere absorbs a major fraction of the incoming radiation.
b) Natural processes provide all renewable energy.
c) People put into practice most renewable energy projects and production.
d) The sun is power for most renewable energy technologies.
Task number 25
Indicate which parts of the text (1, 2, 3, 4) contains the answer to the question
Why is renewable energy valuable?
Task number 26
Identify the main idea of \u200b\u200bthe text.
a) Renewable energy is vitally important for people.
b) Renewable energy is the kind of energy which is naturally replenished.
c) The Earth climate is affected by the incoming solar radiation.
d) The renewable energy technologies promote people not to live everywhere they want.
Task number 27
Position of the business letters in the correct order.
 46 Francis Drive
Deptford, Essex SD7 OTX
 Megan Wight
 Yours sincerely,
 Dear Mr. Trowel,
 I would like to apply for the position of
the accountant which you advertised in
the International Herald Tribune of
September 21.
 Mr. Trowel
Deptford, Essex SD7 DJ6
 23 September, 2010
Task number 28
Before you envelope.
Relate information to a certain number on the envelope so that it represents.
(1) Data Control International
(2) 111 Morris Lane
Kankakee, IL (3) 60620
(4) Maxell Taylor
930 (5) Lewis Setter
Chicago (6) 60609
a) the ZIP Code in the mailing address
b) the addressee
c) the ZIP Code in the return address
d) the house number in the return address
e) the street name in the mailing address
f) the sender
Task number 29
Determine which kind of business document refers shown below passage.
The most suitable of our products for your requirements is the Artemis 66A Plus. This product com

Task number 30
Select a word or phrase to fill gaps so that they reflect the particular design of the memo:
(1) ______: (2) _______
From: Scott Hent
Date: November 16, 2009
Subject: (3) _______
It's with somewhat of a heavy heart that I am submitting my written notice of registration from Honeywell effective two weeks from today. My last day will b


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