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Product description


Examination №3

Option number 6

1. Follow the grammar test.

Grammar test number 3.

Select the correct answer.

1. What was the ... last year? - $ 1,000,000,000.

a) overturn b) turnover c) turn-out d) out-turn

2. "Do" is an ... verb.

a) irregular b) unregular c) nonregular d) disregular

3. I ... all kinds of insects, especially spiders.

a) unlike b) dislike c) nonlike d) illike

4. How many ... do you have? - More than a thousand workers.

a) employs b) employment c) employees d) employers

5. Where do you usually place your ...? - Mostly on TV.

a) advertises b) advertisements c) advertisers d) advertisings

6. Thank you for a lovely evening! - The ... was mine.

a) please b) pleasant c) pleasure d) pleased

7 ..., I can not come tonight. Probably, next time.

a) fortune b) fortunately c) unfortunately d) fortunate

8. The airport is ... the north ... the city.

a) from, with b) to, of c) on, in d) by, under

9. The cupboard is ... the window and the desk.

a) between b) under c) above d) behind.

10. Our train is ... the morning.

a) on b) from c) in d) to.

11. Their holiday starts ... June the 15th.

a) on b) in c) to d) from

12. The morning shift is ... am ... 6 17 pm

a) at, from b) from, to c) to, from d) at, to

13. We are going ... Paris ... Friday.

a) in, in b) in, on c) to, on d) to, in

14. He wants ... you right now! Hurry up!

a) see b) to see c) seeing d) seen

15. Jim prefers ... his report in person.

a) give b) to give c) giving d) given

16. Let´s ... our subsidiary tomorrow afternoon!

a) visit b) to visit c) visiting d) will visit

17. The manager asked him ... work in two days.

a) finish b) to finish c) finishing d) finished

18. They can not ... to the meeting on Monday.

a) come b) to come c) coming d) came

19. She should ... her presentation more thoroughly.

a) prepare b) to prepare c) preparing d) prepared

20. She made them ... the goods in two separate cardboard boxes.

a) deliver b) to deliver c) delivering d) delivered

21. They ought ... a uniform at work.

a) wear b) to wear c) wearing d) worn

22. We continued ... after he left.

a) write b) wrote c) writing d) written

23. ... in a foreign country can be very difficult.

a) live b) to live c) living d) lived

24. After a 24-hour shift she felt really ....

a) exhaust b) to exhaust c) exhausting d) exhausted

25. Was his presentation ...?

a) interest b) to interest c) interesting d) interested

26. After ... the office he went to a meeting with his colleague.

a) leave b) to leave c) leaving d) left

27. Fragile goods should be ... with much care.

b) a) delivery b) to deliver c) delivering d) delivered

Additional information

1. Set the text "A Memo Letter" (p. 182-183).

A Memo Letter

A memorandum (or memo) is a very common form of business letter which is exchanged between members of the same organisation. The memo usually focuses on one message or piece of information, and often requests action to be taken. It may be sent to a single person or a group of people.

There are many different techniques used in memo writing, but several basic rules should always be applied:

• Since memos are a little less formal than business letters, it is best to use simple language.

• • Keep your memo clear. Use short, simple sentences.

• A memo should not be any longer than one page. Most people do not have time to read long memos.

• The opening and closing formula can be more direct, and less formal than in a letter.

Here is an example of memo.


1. DATE 9th June

2. TO Vincent Mills, Human Resources


FROM Philip Groves, Managing Director

3. SUBJECT Seminars on management.

4. The seminars as we discussed are to be held on 15-17 June.

Could you contact the members of Seminars and inform me about the following:

5. the topics that these Seminars cover

short description of each topic

whether you think we should use reports printed in advance

6. We have not much time, so could you do this asap and also check the availability of the members who will be involved in these Seminars.

2. Answer the question №6 setting 23.1 on p.331.

6. What is «rent»?

3. Perform the task 16.6 №11 p. 244

Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from the text.

11. By ...., society economizes on the scarce resources required to produce money as ....


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