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Product description

Option number 7.
I. Rewrite and translate the written proposals for the Russian language. Insert the desired article is: a) a; b) an; c) the; d) -.
1. One of ... ways to speculate is to buy -penny stock‖.
2. She made ... long telephone call from ... lobby and ate ... quick lunch.
3. ... bank's most important activity is ... extension of credit.
4. ... travel agent would give you ... information about ... hotels.

II. Rewrite and translate the written proposals for the Russian language. Fill in the blanks indefinite pronouns or their derivatives: a) some; b) any; c) no; d) derivatives thereof.
1. ... banks are experimenting with accounts.
2. ... boy at school had ever taken a scholarship to the university.
3. If ... delays you, you must let me known.
4 You can not expect just ... student to solve the problem. It requires a mathematician.

III. Rewrite and translate the written proposals for the Russian language. Fill in the blanks with the following words: a) much; b) many; c) (a) little; d) (a) few.
1. No matter how ... money you have can open a bank account.
2. I have so ... things to do that I do not know which to do first.
3. Only ... of our customers have accounts.
4. ... information is supplied by stockbrokers.

IV. Rewrite and translate the written proposals for the Russian language. Choose a form of the verb.
1. Small banks now ... with larger banks by finding a special need and meeting it.
a) was competing b) were competing c) is competing d) are competing
2. At last our company ... to reduce each outgo today.
a) have decided b) had decided c) has decided d) decided
3. By then the rapid pace of industrialization in the United States meant that
measuring time ... essential.
a) has become b) have become c) had become d) was become
4. At this time tomorrow she ... her shopping.
a) was doing b) were doing c) will do d) will be doing

V. Copy and writing proposals translate into Russian. Choose the correct form of the verb in the passive voice.
1. As a letter of credit had not been opened by the buyers, the goods could not ... by us.
a) be shipped b) will be shipped c) is shipped d) are shipped
2. We think that the ship ... next week.
a) would be chartered b) will be chartered c) has been chartered d) have been chartered
3. When I arrived at the port, all the cases ... by skilled workers.
a) are packed b) is packed c) has been packed d) had been packed
4. It ... that he never phoned his home from the office.
a) will notice b) would notice c) was notice d) were notice

VI. Rewrite and translate the written proposals for the Russian language. Choose the correct form of the verb in conditional sentences.
1. They can ensure the quantity of the product if they ... the supervisors.
a) to train b) train c) trains d) trained
2. If we installed new equipment, we would become more competitive.
a) to install b) install c) installs d) installed
3. We would have to reduce our workforce if the bank ... to extend our credit.
a) refuse b) refuses c) refused d) will refuse
4. If you ... to these terms, we'll send you our contract.
a) agree b) agreed c) will agree d) would agree

VII. Rewrite and translate the written proposals for the Russian language. Consume complex supplement
1. I'd like him ... some calculations.
a) to make b) make c) makes d) made
2. He made me ... our business matter with clients.
a) to discuss b) discuss c) discussed d) discussed
3. Where do you usually have your dress ....
a) to make b) make c) made d) makes
4. I expect him ... a just man.
a) am b) is c) are d) to be

VIII. Rewrite and translate the written proposals for the Russian language. Consume complex subject.
1. The article is likely ... in the next issue of the journal.
2. You can easily get in through the window if the door happens.
3. A meeting was announced ... for our t

Additional information

IX. Rewrite and translate the written proposals for the Russian language. Fill in the blanks model verbs or their equivalents.
1. When they send e-mail massages they only ... to pay for their phone calls to their local service providers.
a) must b) can c) have d) may
2. He asked me if he ... borrow my car.
a) may b) might c) can d) could
3. He ... to join the sports section as soon as he is through with his examination.
a) is allowed b) are allowed c) will be allowed d) to be allowed
4. According to our conditions of sale, your remittance ... to expect on March 12.
a) is b) are c) was d) were

X. Copy and writing proposals translate from Russian to English.
1. All decisions of the marketing should be taken in accordance with the financial discipline.
2. During the crisis, the company was forced to reduce production.
3. Packaging must ensure the complete safety of the product and to protect it from damage during transport.
4. If the quality of the product does not meet the conditions stipulated in the contract, the complaint may be submitted within the warranty period.

XI. Read the text. Writing translate paragraphs 1 and 2
Earning Money
1. The statement above is, of course, not literally true. However, it does reflect a certain lack of enthusiasm for work in general. At the upper end of the social scale this attitude to work exists because leisure has always been the main outward sign of aristocracy. And because of Britain's class system, it has had its effects throughout society. If you have to work, then the less it looks like work the better. Traditionally therefore, a major sign of being middle class (as opposed to working class) has been that you do non-manual work. The fact that skilled manual (or "blue-collar") workers have been paid more highly than the lower grades of "white-collar" (ie non-manual) worker for several decades has only slightly changed this social perception. This "anti-work" outlook among the working class has led to a relative lack of ambition or enthusiasm and a belief that high earnings are more important than job satisfaction.
2. These attitudes are slowly changing. For example, al least half of the workforce now does non-manual work, and yet a majority describe themselves as working class. It would therefore seem that the connection between being middle class and doing non-manual work is growing weaker. Nevertheless, the connection between class distinctions and types of types of work lives on in a number of ways. One illustration of this is the different way in which earnings.

Quest XII. Read and translate the text.
Mitsubishi Group is a Japanese group of industrial companies that includes some of the largest companies in the world. The Mitsubishi Group is a keiretsu, a group of affiliated companies that are legally independent, but have extensive crossholdings and exclusive business relationships. Mitsubishi means -three diamonds‖ in Japanese.
The largest Mitsubishi companies include Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Mitsubishi Corporation operates in a wide variety of industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, fuels, metals, machinery, chemicals, textiles, and clothing. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries manufactures a large variety of industrial products and machinery, including ships, steel products, power plants, transportation systems, printing presses, aircrafts, guided missiles, torpedoes, and air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Mitsubishi Motors, one of Japan's largest automobile manufacturers, produces passenger cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles ......


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