Грамматический тест №3

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Контрольная работа №3
1.Выполните грамматический тест.
Грамматический тест № 3.
Выберите правильный вариант ответа.
1.What was the … last year? - $1,000,000,000.
a) overturn b) turnover c) turn-out d) out-turn
2.“Do” is an … verb.
a) irregular b) unregular c) nonregular d) disregular
3.I … all kinds of insects, especially spiders.
a) unlike b) dislikec) nonliked) illike
4.How many … do you have? - More than a thousand workers.
a) employs b) employment c) employees d) employers
5.Where do you usually place your …? - Mostly on TV.
a) advertises b) advertisements c) advertisers d) advertisings
6.Thank you for a lovely evening! – The … was mine.
a) please b) pleasant c) pleasured) pleased
7…, I cannot come tonight. Probably, next time.
a) fortune b) fortunately c) unfortunately d) fortunate
8.The airport is … the north … the city.
a) from, with b) to, of c) on, ind) by, under
9.The cupboard is … the window and the desk.
a) between b) under c) above d) behind.
10.Our train is … the morning.
a) on b) from c) in d) to.
11.Their holiday starts … June the 15th.
a) on b) inc) to d) from
12.The morning shift is … 6 a.m. … 17 p.m.
a) at, fromb) from, toc) to, fromd) at, to
13.We are going … Paris … Friday.
a) in, in b) in, on c) to, on d) to, in
14.He wants … you right now! Hurry up!
a) see b) to see c) seeing d) seen
15.Jim prefers … his report in person.
a) giveb) to givec) givingd) given
16. Let’s … our subsidiary tomorrow afternoon!
a) visit b) to visit c) visitingd) will visit
17.The manager asked him … work in two days.
a) finish b) to finishc) finishingd) finished
18.They can’t … to the meeting on Monday.
a) comeb) to come c) coming d) came
19.She should … her presentation more thoroughly.
a) prepareb) to preparec) preparingd) prepared
20.She made them … the goods in two separate cardboard boxes.
a) deliverb) to deliverc) deliveringd) delivered
21.They ought … a uniform at work.
a) wearb) to wearc) wearingd) worn
22.We continued … after he left.
a) writeb) wrotec) writingd) written
23.… in a foreign country can be very difficult.
a) liveb) to livec) livingd) lived
24.After a 24-hour shift she felt really ….
a) exhaustb) to exhaustc) exhaustingd) exhausted
25.Was his presentation …?
a) interest b) to interest c) interestingd) interested
26.After … the office he went to a meeting with his colleague.
a)leaveb) to leavec) leavingd) left
27.Fragile goods should be … with much care.
b)а) deliveryb) to deliverc) deliveringd) delivered


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