How to be healthy, know world from other side.

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foreword Dear reader! This book - the result of my research, which I started while still a medical student. It introduces you to the root causes of diseases of the human body, will help identify the causes of their own and often seek healing without drugs, and forestall disease. The Institute of me, as a future doctor, taught: to cure a patient, you need to find the cause of the disease and eliminate it. However, for all six years of study at the Institute and two years internship, I have not told the cause of the disease. I realized that conventional medicine simply does not know. She is looking for them. Moreover, it is looking for a long time. But still not found. A paradox! On the one hand, in order to cure a patient, it is necessary to know the cause of the disease and eliminate them, but on the other hand - they are not known to medicine. It turns out that the official medicine does not eliminate the disease. It just makes it easier to suffering patients. But I wanted to know the reason. I went to his knowledge in the way that for many centuries, adheres to the official medicine. Later, I discovered that the situation with the treatment of patients in modern medicine, for many centuries, little has changed, and even, to some extent, has deteriorated. I began to realize that conventional medicine is clearly not seeking it. An incorrect approach to the patient and the disease. If the hospital treated gastric ulcer, and she, after a while, back again, then, is the disease only muted for some time. If, after the action of hormonal ointments, rash disappears and then appears again, and then it is not treated. How many so-called "incurable" diseases (cancer, psoriasis and diabetes, coronary heart disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, etc.)? I began to look for other ways. Became interested in herbs, collected folk recipes conspiracies against disease, worked for a time with the famous folk healer. Interested in the influence of biofield. But it is up to the end I was not satisfied. I felt that in all this is missing the point. There must be some kind of general model that combines all the existing methods of human exposure and disease. At that time I began to study homeopathy and have immediately after graduation, he began working as a homeopath. Homeopathy interested me, as a personal medicine. One of its principles is not proclaimed the suppression of disease, and restoring the body´s dynamic balance. In homeopathy - their own individual and unique approach to the disease and to the patient. In addition, all medicines are prepared from natural raw materials (herbs, minerals, poisons, insect, animal selection, products of human diseases). Method of preparation and use of homeopathic medicines eliminates harmful side effects or addiction. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of the homeopathic method, ahead of his time for two centuries. Working homeopath, I rejoice in the success in the treatment of diseases and admired homeopathic model. I was pleased that I can cure those diseases that conventional medicine can not cope. But there were setbacks. Then I began to more closely monitor the behavior of patients and began to understand that sometimes the disease to humans perform some functions. In some cases, these functions have been obvious to others - are hidden. I began to study psychology and psychotherapy, hypnosis has mastered and began exploring the human subconscious, very carefully, observing the commandment - "Do no harm!". Gradually, I became aware that the causes of disease are hidden not outside man but within him. Each person creates itself a disease. Hundreds and hundreds of times I was looking through different cases from the practice, and each time convinced that external factors such as nutrition, infection, weather conditions, produce, only, the background for the development of the disease. There is something deeper inside a person that determines the development of a disease. It does not matter whether it is a di

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How to work with the book Do not read this book, like a novel. That - more benefits, with which to work. Therefore, read it once, read again and again. And each time, check the new knowledge into practice. It should be like learning to drive a car. First you learn the theory and then get behind the wheel and try. Those who had once tried to drive a car, learn quickly, others will take time and practice. Some readers of the book are certain ideas seem familiar, and they will be able to master the whole model faster. Another for whom the book will be a revelation, have to make the effort and spend time. In any case, what is described in the book, it is necessary to learn and use in their lives. This book - the first of a series of books about the secrets of the subconscious and is a description of a very effective model for solving various problems. It can be used not only to treat a wide range of diseases, but also for the normalization of the private sphere, as work, relationships, family, money. This model - simple and accessible to anyone who wants to learn it. But I hasten to warn you. Do not cling to this model as a panacea for all ills and misfortunes. Let it be, just one of the steps on your Path of Knowledge. Get hold of this method. Use it in your life. And when you understand that you own them perfectly, start to look for something new. In Chapter 1, I gave a general idea of ​​how a person perceives and creates the world, a place in his life takes a conscious and subconscious perception of what the laws are in the universe. The more you understand this information, the easier and faster to master the whole method. After you read the entire book again, return to this chapter. When he reached the place in the book, which describes how to get in touch with the subconscious mind, reduce your pace. Try to do all this. Chapter 2 describes how people create their own illness. Stay on this chapter and think too. Chapter 3 gives a positive picture of the destructive power of the universe, which, from time immemorial, were considered diabolical and that people use to create diseases and problems in his personal life. After reading this chapter, make a list of their destructive thoughts and emotions. Read Chapter 4 carefully. It describes a specific plan diagram method. But in order to master the method itself, takes practice. Examples from my medical practice to help you in this. Try, practice. All in your hands. You have to cure has everything you need. In the second book contains a list of diseases and a list of possible causes. It will help you find the causes of their suffering and remove them with the help of subliminal programming method. In the book, I always have to use words such as God, the Universe, the Supreme Mind, Reality, Power, Reality, World. All this - the different names of the same - a mysterious and mysterious Power that dominates the universe and exists in all of us. If you - a religious person, you can use the term "God". But first think, what image is in you for this word. Perhaps the children´s performance - wise, bearded old man who sits on a cloud and threatens finger. Remember, this is - just your image. If you are an atheist, then, I think, you no longer will approach such a thing as force, energy, or reality. In general, any suitable representation of a unified and intelligent early ^universe. If you are not satisfied with any of these names, then pick up his word that best reflect your idea about yourself and about the world. I want to emphasize once again - do not take the book as truth. If you do not agree with some of my thoughts, put on the fields a question mark and keep reading. Treat describes a method as to a model as a set of tools to help himself. After all, no one is better than you can not just themselves


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