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Упражнение 1.
cheese map actor favourite toast dentist arrive palace ham village want bring notebook easy expensive chicken journalist dictionary leave friendly interpreter magazine orange night club beach engineer office newspaper funny listen
Распределите слова из таблички в подходящую колонку.
things to readprofessionsthings to eatplacesverbsadjectives

Упражнение 2. Совместите фразы, данные под номерами с фразами, указанными в рамке, как в примере:
Пример: - Please don’t smoke here. F
1. – A table for four, please. _____
1.– Is that all? _____
2.– Let’s go to the movies. ______
3.– That’s a nice tie. ______
4.– How are you doing? ______
5.– Thanks a lot. ______
6.– What would you like? ______
7.– Have you got the time? ______
8.– Sorry. I haven’t got a match. ______
9.– How much is that? _______
a.Great! And you?
b.Thank you.
c.A beer, please.
d.You’re welcome.
e.Thanks anyway.
f.All right.
g.That sounds good!
h.Five dollars, please.
i.It’s about 2:15.
j.Yes, that’s it.
k.This way, please.

Упражнение 3. Дополните предложения, используя am / ´m not, is / isn´t, are / aren´t.
1.Vienna _________ in Austria.
2.Where _________ you from?
3.I __________ on holiday. I´m at work.
4.My teacher ________ funny.
5.I _________ hungry. How much ________ a cheese sandwich?
6.Learning English _________ boring!
It´s interesting!

Упражнение 4. Вставьте необходимую форму глагола to be.
1.My sister _____ twenty - two years old. She _____ married.
2.My grandparents _____ pensioners.
3.This woman _____ a housewife.
4.We ______ glad to meet you here.
5.My school friend _____ a typical bachelor.
6.His brother ______ unmarried, but he _____ happy.
7.Now we _____ at the English lesson and we _____ ready to speak English.

Упражнение 5.Подчеркните нужное местоимение или существительное в притяжательном падеже.
1. David is _____ friend. (my, mine, me)
2. This is _____ new house. (them, theirs, their)
3. This is Bob and this is _____ cat. (my, his, her)
4. This is Clare. _____ is my friend. (he, it, she)
5. Hello, _____ am Sandy. (I, he, it)

Additional information

Упражнение 6.Вставьте необходимое количественное слово “many” или “much”:
1.There is _____ snow in winter.
2.How _____ is the book?
3.There aren´t _____ pears in the basket.
4._____ people visit our country.
5.How _____ onions do you want?
6.We need _____ water for washing up dishes.
7.How _____ children are there in your class?
8.There isn´t _____ jam on the plate.
9.How _____ money have you got?

Упражнение 7. В каждом предложении есть ошибка. Найдите её и исправьте.
Пример:Antonia is Italiana.
Antonia is Italian.
1.My wife beautiful.
2.Hans is businessman.
3.You family is very nice.
4.Buses in London are reds.
5.Where is you from?
6.How old is your children?
7.London is a city very big.

Упражнение 8. Составьте диалоги.
Пример:your name? / Carlos / Spanish / Mexico
A What’s your name?
B My name’s Carlos.
A Carlos?… It’s a Spanish name.
B Yes, but I’m not Spanish.
A Oh, where are you from?
B I’m from Mexico.
1.his name? / Fritz / German / Switzerland
2.her name? / Brigitte / French / Canada
3.their names? / John and Paul / English / Australia

Упражнение 9. Дополните предложения, используя фразы из рамки:
a solicitor, for Lego, in computers, a doctor, for Canon, an accountant, in construction, an estate agent
1.I´m _______________. I buy and sell houses.
2.I´m ____________________. I work for IBM.
3.I´m __________. I specialize in corporate law.
4.I work ____________________. We produce photocopiers, fax machines, and other office equipment.
5.I´m __________. I work at Guy´s Hospital in London.
6.I work __________________, the Danish toy manufacturer.
7.I´m _______________. I work in the financial services’ section.
8.I´m ________________. I work on building
projects in the Middle East.

Упражнение 10.Подчеркните то слово, которое не входит в данную смысловую группу. Например:
1. partners agents banking managers
2. food clothes restaurants supermarkets
3. transport manufacturing railways lorries
4. staff employer office personnel manager
5. photocopier laptop mobile phone calculator

Упражнение 11. Завершите высказывания, используя предлоги в рамке.
from for (2) at (2) to (2) on
1. Ca I have a double room for five nights ……….. 26 February …………. 2 March, please?
2.I’d like to book a flight …………. Madrid ……….. Friday ………… 11am, please.
3.I’d like to book a table ………… nine ……….. eight o’clock, please.

Упражнение 12. Напишите название национальности по названию страны.
1. USA American
2. Ireland
4. Spain
5. France
6. Japan

Упражнение 13. Завершите предложения с помощью a, an или some.
1. I’d like to book a room.
2. I’m …….. accountant.
2.Let’s eat in ……….. Spanish restaurant.
3.Is it ……….. good hotel?
4.Can I have ………… bread and ………. butter, please?
5.Can I have ………. sandwich, please?
6.I’d like …………. potatoes, please.


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