Контрольная №2 по английскому (онлайн, 2 семестр, МГСУ)

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Контрольная №2 по английскому (онлайн, 2 семестр, МГСУ)

онлайн по английскому на сайте http://cito.mgsu.ru/
полученный балл - 94 (ОТЛИЧНО): скан с отчётом прилагается)
контрольная работа № 2 (2 cеместр)
Перед выполнением контрольной вам нужно прочитать и перевести следующие тексты и сделать к ним задания
1. Alternative sources of energy
2. Design and construction of tall building
А также повторить темы по грамматике
1 Модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты
2 Причастие

Вопрос № 1
Укажите лишнее слово:

Вопрос № 2
Укажите предложение, в котором выделенное слово переводиться,как "построенный"
•"Moscow city" was built some time ago.
•Building a new underground station they make a lot of traffic jam.
•A construction built was the highest in the world.
•They were building a new underground station.

Вопрос № 3
Дополните предложение правильным вариантом.The main advantage of alternative sources of energy is that....
•they are renewable
•they don´t need fuel
•they are available all over the world
•they don´t pollute the atmosphere
•they are used for heating houses

Вопрос № 4
Укажите лишнее слово

Вопрос № 5
Найдите неправильные утверждения
•In general nonrenewable sources of energy doesn´t cause any pollution.
•Most alternative sources of energy are nonrenewable.
•People try to develop alternative sources of energy.
•Hydrolytic power can be used in any region in any country.

Вопрос № 6
Укажите номер предложения, в которых слова в -ing форме отвечают на вопросы " какой?"" какая?" "какие?"
•The student living in our hostel came from different part of Russia
•Making this experiment we can understand the process better.
•They are visiting the Kremlin when we met them

Вопрос № 7
Выберите нужное слово из списка и вставьте в предложение
The Pitcam Islands has the lowest ... in the worldpopulation
One of the world general problem is ... of water in Africascarcity
Heat and electricity can be generated by ... powerrenewable
19% of electricity in the world is provided by ... energy.nuclear

Вопрос № 8
Укажите предложения, где выделенные слова следует переводить как "увеличивая"
•Increasing the price on houses the company lost its potential buyers.
•The company increasing the price on houses lost its potential buyers.
•Increasing population density is one of the reason for constructing skyscrapers.

Вопрос № 9
Подберите синонимы к следующим словам:

Вопрос № 10
Выберите предложения, в которых have переводиться как " должен, должны "
•A student has to work hard to pass the exam in physics.
•You have learnt a lot of information about this island
•You have got a lot of difficult subjects this term.
•You must know about the highest skyscraper in the world/
•You have to use solar energy if you want to save your money

Вопрос № 11
Поставьте выделенный модальный глагол в прошедшем времени: You must save water.

Вопрос № 12
Укажите номер предложений, в которых слова в -ing форме отвечают на вопросы " что делая?"
•A girl saving money was from our university.
•Architectures constructing this building are from Germany.
•They are constructing a new gigantic supermarket/
•Saving a lot of money he can go abroad
•Constructing a new bridge a government try to solve the problem [with] the traffic jam.

Вопрос № 13
Ответьте на вопрос What are the reasons for constructing skyscrapers? (Может быть более ,чем один ответ)
•to house animals from the jungle
•urban sprawl
•to save place in the sea
•population growth
•density of concrete
•scarcity of water
•scarcity of land

Вопрос № 14
Выберите слова, с которыми могут сочетаться следующие слова

Вопрос № 15
Употребите глагол-сказуемое в будущем времени You may use the English-Russian dictionary at the exam.

Additional information

Alternative sources of energy
It is not a secret that energy consumption has increased a lot in the last decades.
But do we have enough fossil fuels to satisfy our needs. As fossil fuels are nonrenewable we are highly interested in developing alternative sources of energy.
Solar Power is renewable. It is used for heating houses. Solar technology uses the heat of the Sun and convert it into electrical energy. But It s very expensive to make electricity from sunlight. Solar power has to be used in the sunny area. One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is its cost. For 1% of the construction cost of a building solar panels installed could save up 50% of heating bills.
Solar energy doesn’t cause pollution and doesn’t need fuel. Wind power is renewable as well. It doesn’t cause any pollution and doesn’t need fuel either. However, a lot of generators are needed to get wind power. So people have to put them in the area with winds.
Hydroelectric Power plants are built for getting energy from flowing water. Usually we build a dam, and let the water turn turbines and generators. There is no pollution, no waste, and no fuel is needed. On the other hand, dams are very expensive to build. There is one more disadvantage. Building a dam we flood a lot of land......

Design and construction of tall buildings
The world is building rapidly to house growing population, to replace obsolete buildings and provide accommodation of high quality. More and more buildings of all types are needed, from jungle huts to the tall giants .
Replacing the building of moderate height by fewer but higher buildings to provide more open space and green areas.
The scarcity of land in the central part of the cities is one of the basic reason for tall buildings. Constructing tall building you can save a lot of place in the city.
The prestige of tall building is another reason for constructing skyscrapers.
To preserve the central part of the city and to limit urban sprawl is another factor for tall buildings. Population density makes tall building very practical and effective to provide open space.
Another reason for tall and large buildings is the need of .....


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