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I. Подчеркните сказуемое предложений, определите его видовременную форму, переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. All the shareholders participate in running the bank.
2. All the retained profits of the bank will belong to the shareholders.
3. They had delivered the new equipment by the end of the week.
4. The price will be changing.
5. A demand for accounting information existed because of valuable aid in improving investment decisions it gave.
6. Our company has just received the new contract by e-mail.

II. Coотнесите видовременную форму страдательного залога в первой колонке с соответствующим названием во второй колонке.
1. will be deliveredg. Future Simple Passive
2. had been delivered
3. were being delivered
4. are delivered
5. have been delivered
6. was delivered
7. will have been delivered
8. is being delivered

III. Подчеркните сказуемое предложения, определите его видовременную форму и залог, переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. The catalogues have just been received.
2. The scientist who wrote this article will give a lecture at our University.
3. These cars are insured in Gosstrakh.
4. The other counterpart didn’t fulfill the terms of the contract.
5. This factory is being re-equipped at the moment.
6. The first part of this book is being printed in St. Petersburg, and the second part will be printed in Moscow.

IV. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в Present, Past или Future Simple Passive, переведите предложения на русский язык.

V. Поставьте следующие предложения в Passive Voice. Начните предложения с указанных слов.
1. The shareholders divide all the bank’s profits among them.
2. The secretary typed all necessary documents yesterday.
3. The teacher will correct the students’ reports.
4. This mine produces large quantities of coal every month.
5. A famous architect designed this theatre.
6. The Board of Directors will discuss this business matter next week.

VI. Переведите предложения на английский язык, поставив сказуемое в Passive Voice.
1. Совет директоров избирается на срок 4 года.
2. Этот банк был рекомендован нам нашими партнерами.
3. Товары будут подготовлены к отгрузке завтра.
4. Этот мост был спроектирован известным инженером.
5. Когда будет доставлено нам оборудование?
6. Контракт проверен юристом?

VII. Определите функцию причастия настоящего времени (Participle I) в предложении, переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. I was told that the woman sitting in the corridor was waiting for the director.
2. Entering the conference hall he saw many people waiting for him.
3. He left his post, saying that he would be back soon.
4. We asked them to write to us immediately, informing us of the terms of payment and delivery.
5. Knowing him very well, I could recommend him as a very good worker.
6. Their firm will be spending a lot of money on new projects.

VIII. Определите функцию причастия прошедшего времени (Participle II) в предложении, переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. The personal assistant sent off the documents signed by the director.
2. We are satisfied with the quality of the samples submitted.
3. Inform us when you intend to deliver the goods ordered.
4. Discussed all questions, they finished the meeting.
5. He was shown the list of the goods exported by this firm.
6. Studied the questions in detail, he was ready to answer all the questions.

Additional information

IX. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на многозначность слов that, it, one.
1. One can see changes in the work of our bank.
2. It is necessary to finish the work in time.
3. One of the two main ways in which people look for work is through newspapers.
4. I knew that man that had applied for a job in a local engineering company.
5. It’s a well-known fact that the banking sector in the UK is supervised by the Bank of England.
6. Don’t buy that cellular phone. Buy another one.

X. Подчеркните подлежащее и сказуемое в сложноподчиненных предложениях (определительных, дополнительных и обстоятельственных), переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. The vessels which arrived at the port yesterday were built in Russia.
2. Our representative, whose letter I showed you yesterday, will return to Moscow at the end of the week.
3. When we arrived at the port, the steamer was being loaded with grain.
4. While we were discharging the ship, we discovered a few bags damaged by sea water.
5. He has just gone away saying that he will return in an hour.
6. The invitations were sent out far in advance, so the delegates might arrive in time for the conference.

XI. Заполните пропуски в предложениях соответствующими союзными словами: who, that, which, when, where, why, how...

XII. Переведите следующие бессоюзные придаточные предложения на русский язык.
1. The corporation he works for has celebrated its 20 anniversary in this business.
2. I knew they had sent an invitation to my colleague and not to me.
3. The goods you wanted to see are at our warehouses.
4. The man you saw in the office was our foreign customer.
5. The factory they work produce machine-tools that can measure and inspect the production themselves.
6. The matter she mentioned is very urgent.

XIII. Прочтите и письменно переведите текст.
Forms of Businesses
Proprietorship, partnership, and corporations have certain advantages and disadvantages. These can be considered using the following criteria: simplicity, ability to raise capital, liability, control, taxation, etc.
Of the three basic forms, the proprietorship is the simplest. The legal procedures for starting a proprietorship are limited to registering the company’s name. Going out of business is also very easy: no legal procedures are required. Starting a partnership is less complex than starting a proprietorship. Simplicity has its advantages but it is not the only thing to consider when choosing the right form of business organization.
Ways of raising capital are different under different forms of business organization. The source of capital for a proprietorship usually is the owner’s own savings and loans form banks. More capital can be raised by bringing in partners or by incorporating. The so called venture capital market is another important source of capital for new business.
A major difference among organizational forms is the degree to which owners are personally liable for debts of the business. If a proprietorship fails, creditors can claim the owner’s property to pay off the debts of the business. For partnerships, liabilities can also be a serious problem. The limited liability feature of the corporation is its biggest advantage.


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