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1. Соотнесите значения слов и выражений, данных в правой колонке, с их английскими эквивалентами, данными в левой колонке.
1 to execute government decisionsa) иметь дело с корреспонденцией
2 to deal with the correspondenceb) система управления
3 vote in electionsc) продвижение по службе
4 career opportunitiesd) карьерные возможности
5 personal experiencee) быть кандидатом, баллотироваться
6 system of governancef) осуществлять решения правительства
7 issues of legitimacyg) ставить себе в заслугу что-либо
8 to stand forh) голосовать на выборах
9 promotioni) вопросы законности
10 to take creditj) личный опыт

2. Прочитайте текст The President of the Russian Federation и переведите на английский язык слова и выражения, данные в скобках.
The Constitution gives the President a number of (1. полномочия) that he can use on an ongoing basis to influence the work of the (2. правительство). These powers include approving the structure of the federal (3. исполнительные структуры) of power, appointing deputy prime ministers and ministers, the right to preside over government meetings, (4. осуществлять) control over the lawfulness of the government’s action, and direct subordination of the security ministries to the President. The President has the right to (5. распускать правительство) or to accept the Prime Minister’s resignation, which automatically entails the (6. отставка правительства) as a whole.
Thus, relations between the President and the government mostfully reflect the President’s imperative in setting (7. внутренняя и внешняя политика). Overal the government and the executive bodies of power are considerably more closely linked to the President and are directly under his control.
The President works with two consultative bodies — the (8. Совет Безопасности) and the State Council. The President chairs these two councils.
The President forms his Executive Office and oversees the general functioning of the Office. The Office helps the President (9. осуществлять) his functions and (10. выполнять) his role as guarantor of the Constitution. But the Presidential Executive Office is not an (11. независимый) governmental body. The system of Presidential power includes the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoys in the Federal Districts.
In exercising his constitutional powers, the President works with the (12. законодательная и юридическая отрасли) of power through his authorized (13. представители) to the upper and lower houses of Parliament and the Constitutional Court. Illustrations of this working relationship include the President’s right to submit draft legislation, his responsibility for signing (14. законы) passed by the parliament and his requests to the Constitutional Court to examine whether federal and regional laws conform to the Constitution of Russia.

3. Прочитайте текст и поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках в нужной видо-временной форме.
Civil servants (1. be) servants of the Crown. In effect, this (2. mean) the Government of the United Kingdom, the Scottish Executive and the National Assembly for Wales. Executive powers (3. exercise) generally by ministers of the Crown, who (4. be) in turn answerable to the appro¬priate Parliament or Assembly. The Civil Service as such (5. have) no separate constitutional personality or responsibility. The duty of the individual civil servant (6. be) first and foremost to the minister in charge of the department in which he or she (7. serve). A change of minister, for whatever reason, (8. not, involve) a change of staff.
The Civil Service Code, introduced in 1996, (9. be) a concise statement of the role and responsibilities of civil servants. It (10. revise) in 1999 ....

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4. Подберите подходящий по смыслу модальный глагол. В не¬которых предложениях возможны несколько вариантов.
1. He (следует) advise the Minister on policies pertinent only to this department. 2. The modern civil service in Britain (может) be distinguished from its antecedent organizations by a number of Characteristics. 3. The most junior civil servants are permitted to participate in political activities, but (должны) be politically neutral in the exercise of their duties. 4. All civil servants are subject to the Official Secrets Act, meaning that they (не могут) disclose sensitive government information. 5. The history of the United States’ civil service (может) be divided into four distinct phases. 6. Civil Servants (должны) give honest and impartial advice to the Minister. 7. He (должен) to prepare the speech for his Minister. 8. They (не разрешается) to write about their experience without permission. 9. Civil servants help to prepare a minister for the questions that (могут) arise in the House of Commons. 10. Civil Servants (не нужно) wear formal dress.

5. Прочитайте предложения, найдите в них сложное дополнение или сложное подлежащее, подчеркните конструкцию, переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. About half of all civil servants seem to provide services directly to the public. 2. I heard about 80 per cent of civil servants work outside London. 3. Permanent career officials are meant to be neutral in a professional sense. 4. He is likely to be a non-elected person. 5. I want him to deal with the Minister’s correspondence. 6. He is known to be very knowledgeable about technical problems. 7. The function of the Canadian Civil Service is supposed to support the Canadian monarch, represented by the Governor General, and the appointed ministry. 8. He wants her to be offered meaningful work. 9. Americans believe a career in the Civil Service to be a unique opportunity to represent America to the world. 10. The classification of the Russian CSS is likely to pose certain difficulties.

6. Прочитайте предложения и найдите в них причастие или герундий. Подчеркните их. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. I insist on doing it. 2. I have overall responsibility for ensuring that the Civil Service provides effective and efficient support to the Prime Minister and the Government. 3. I spend a lot of time travelling around the UK and visiting Civil Servants. 4. A new civil service code was launched on 6 June, 2006, to outline the core values ....

7. Используйте слово в конце каждой строки, чтобы образовать слово, которое подходит по смыслу.
Of the world´s civil services, the most ...1... onOUTSTAND
several counts is still the British, extremely ...2...POWER
because of its permanency, its ...3... grants ofEXTEND
power from Parliament, and its ...4... for absoluteREPUTE
honesty, although it is criticized for a lack of ...5...FLEX
and for class ...6... in its upper ranges.EXCLUDE
A Civil Service Commission and the ...7... of aBEGIN
system of ...8... examinations were established inCOMPETE
Great Britain in 1855, and the ...9... WhitleyINFLUENCE...

8. Просмотрите тексты 4 урока еще раз. Определите, какое из утверждений является истинным (T) или ложн
1. The Civil Service carries out government decisions and therefore plays a vital part in British Politics.
2. Civil Servants are not elected.
3. Senior civil servants can be politically active.
4. Administrative Assistant is the highest rank in the Civil Service.

9. Восстановите порядок слов в вопросах, запишите вопросы и письменно ответьте на них.
1. What/promotion/does/depend on/within the Civil Service? 2. Who/government policies/carries out? 3. Permanent career officials/have policy making powers/do? 4. Why/civil servants/may/not/


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