Контрольное задание №3 по английскому (3 семестр)

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I.Поставьте вопросы к подчеркнутым членам предложения
1.They went to New-York.
2.It takes four hours to get there.
3.He didn’t think much of it.
4.He told me exactly what happened.
5.We are all going to watch the football match.
6.He broke his leg in a skiing accident.
7.Tom lost his job because he kept coming late for work.
8.The concert began at eight p.m.
9.Jack taught me to play poker.
10.She asked him for a rise.
11.I’m looking for a telephone box.
12.The word “boss” means employer.
13.They liked Ann’s idea best.
14.He complained to the manager.
15.I borrowed my brother’s car.
II.Поставьте глаголы в скобках в соответствующем времени пассивного залога.
1.Your application (consider) and we will let you know as soon as we’ve made a decision.
2.The Earth(hold) by the gravity of the Sun and orbits around it.
3.The award for best video (present) later this evening.
4.The roof of the car can (lower) by pressing this button here.
5.Two men (question) at this moment by police.

III.Раскрыть скобки. Поставить глагол в нужном времени.
Job interview
James (sit) outside the office waiting for the interview. He … (feel) so nervous that he … (not know) what to do with himself. The person who … (go in) before him … (be) in there for nearly an hour. And she … (look) so confident when she … (go) in. Not like James. He … (feel) sure that she … (already get) the job. The problem … (be) that he … (want) this job so much. It … (mean) everything to him. He … (think) about it such a lot before the day of the interview. He … (imagine) himself performing brilliantly at the interview and being offered the job immediately. But now here he … (be) felling terrible. He … (cannot remember) all those things he … (plan) to stay. At that moment, he …(almost decide) to get up and leave. But no – he …(have to do) this. He … (spend) so much time thinking about it that he … (cannot give up) like that. His hands … (be) hot and sticky and his mouth… (feel) dry. Finally the door of the office … (open). The woman who … (go in) an hour earlier …(come out) looking very pleased with herself. She … (smile) sympathetically at James. At that moment James … (hate) her. The managing director then … (appear) at the office door. Would you like to come in now, Mr.Davis? I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. James … (suddenly wish) that he … (go) home after all. He … (get up), legs shaking and forehead sweating and … (wonder) whether he … (look) as terrified as he … (feel).

IV.Дополните следующие предложения придаточными предложениями условия.
1.If my job were more important ….. .
2.If she hadn’t worked hard ….. .
3.If I had fringe benefits and promotion like you ….. .
4.She wouldn’t have given up her job if ….. .
5.They would have paid you more if …. .
6.If you took a course in computer programming ….. .
7.Why didn’t you say that you were short of money? If I had known I …. You some.
8.Unless the company had issued bonds ….. .

Additional information

V.Выберете к словам и словосочетаниям русские эквиваленты:
2.managing director
3.production manager
4.marketing manager
5.purchasing manager
6.sales manager
7.chief accountant
8.advertising manager
9.training manager
10.board of directors
a)правление компании
c)менеджер по рекламе
d)менеджер по маркетингу
e)начальник производства
f)менеджер по закупкам
g)менеджер по продажам
h)главный бухгалтер
i)менеджер по подготовке кадров
j)управляющий по административно- хозяйственной работе

VI.Переведите на русский язык.
1.There is no need for the steamer to call at Tuapse.
2.It was necessary for him to return immediately.
3.There is no reason for us to change the terms of payment.
4.There was no time for them to examine the goods that day.
5.It is too late for you to go there.

VII.Переведите на английский язык, употребляя оборот «объектный падеж с инфинитивом» ( Complex Object)
1.Он хочет, чтобы вы пришли к нему сегодня.
2.Он хочет, чтобы его сын стал врачом.
3.Она хочет, чтобы ее пригласили на вечер.
4.Хотите ли вы, чтобы я вас помог?
5.Она любит, чтобы обед был вовремя.
6.Он не любит, когда его прерывают.
7.Он не любит, чтобы ему задавали вопросы.
8.Я хочу, чтобы его статья была опубликована.


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