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Product description

Part 1
Theory of Statistics
Task 1
1. Construct a discrete and interval series of distribution and represent them graphically. The interval number divided into four groups with equal intervals closed.
2. Calculate the number of indicators of the distribution center (average number, fashion, median) and variation indices of interval ryadu.Sdelat analysis of the results.
Industrial profitability level,% 13, 18, 26, 10, 18, 15, 20, 24, 18, 15, 24, 20, 22, 18.

Task 2
1. Calculate the baseline (compared to 200 a year) and chain absolute and relative performance analysis of the dynamics of summary indicator values \u200b\u200b(first line).
2. Determine the average number of speakers.
3. identify the main trends of the dynamics of a number of methods of three-level moving average and the analytical equation for a straight alignment.
4. Calculate possible level summary measure for 2008 while maintaining the current trends, using average figures and analytical smoothing method.
5. Construct a line diagram of the dynamics of the original (actual) and calculated (theoretical) levels.
6. To study the changes in the structure of the indicator 200a, compared with 200 a year + 4. Show the relative values \u200b\u200bof the structure obtained in the form of pie charts.
7. Analyze all the results and draw conclusions.
Data on the production of gross regional product, bn. Rub.
+ 1 200a 200a 200a 200a + 2 + 3 + 4 200a
The gross regional product, only 29.31 30.12 32.35 33.98 35.74
Industry 12.46 15.26
agriculture and forestry 1.36 1.39
Construction 1.48 1.48
transport and communications 3.49 3.03
trade and public catering 1.8 1.31
Other industries 10.34 13.27

Activity 3
According to the data below on the implementation of the three types of goods to determine:
1. Individual indices amount of goods sold and prices.
2. Summary (total) index turnover.
3. The price index Paasche system.
4. The composite index of the physical volume of realization.
5. To check the correctness of calculations using the relationship formula indexes.
6. Perform a factor analysis changes turnover, defining its absolute change due to changes in the number of sales and due to price changes.
7. To analyze the results and draw conclusions.
Option 1
The dynamics of sales of goods in the markets of the city.
Goods January January February February
u price
rub. quantity
u price
A 223 20 250 25
B 342 30 400 35
257 45 350 40

Part 2
Socio-economic statistics
Task 1. The following data is for the year:
• population, thousand people .:
at 1 January - 530.0; April 1 - 530.5; July 1 - 530.6; October 1 - 530.7; January 1, 200a of - 530.9
• The number of dead persons. - 9374
• The number of departures for permanent residence in other towns, people. - 680
• coefficient of vitality - 1.08
• The proportion of women in the total population,% - 59
• The proportion of women aged 15-49 in the total number of women,% - 40
Define: coefficients of fertility, mortality, este¬st¬vennogo, mechanical and general population growth;
- The number of births;
the number of arrivals for permanent residence from other localities;
- Specific fertility rates.

Additional information

Task 2.
Indicators Baz. Rep year. year
Gross output at constant prices, mln. Rub. 20.0 22.5
The average annual value of fixed assets, mln. Rub. 10.0 15.0
The average number of workers people. 1500 2160
Ratio shift 1.6 1.8
According to data for two years, determine:
1. Indicators of fixed assets.
2. Indicators armament of workers basic production assets.
3. The increase in the volume of gross output due to the change: return on assets; value of fixed assets.

Activity 3
In the reporting period the value of the finished products of the company amounted to 8300 thousand. Rub. and semi-finished products - 5800 thousand. rub. During the reporting period, semi-finished products consumed within the firm at 3400 thousand. Rub. Implemented semi-finished products 2,000 thousand. Rub. Ready-made cars sold in the amount of 7,500 thousand. Rub., Produced work of an industrial nature on orders from 530 thousand. Rub. The power plant generated electricity company for 300 thousand. Rub. Of this amount consumed in its electricity production by 260 thousand. Rub., Nightclub energy released by 2 thousand. Rub., The residential complex of the company - 38 thousand. Rub.
The balance of work in progress at the beginning of the year - 50 thousand. Rub., At the end of the year - 85 thousand. Rub. Realized by products and implemented on the side of the work paid for by the buyer.
1. Gross turnover.
2. The gross output of the factory method.
3. commodity products, based on the value of gross output.
4. sales.

Task 4. There is evidence (conditional) on sales of durables in the same locality of the Russian Federation.
Types of goods to sell goods in current prices (mln. Rub.) Change of prices in the reporting period
Reference period Reporting period compared with baseline (time)
Computers 500,800 1.3
VCR 240 400 1.5
Refrigerators 320 650 1.6
Coffee 50 70 1.35
It is known that during the same period, the population increased by 1,5 ‰.
Determine: 1) the index value of consumption of durable goods; 2) the index of physical volume of consumption of certain goods; 3) The index of physical volume of consumption of all goods (a composite index of the physical volume of consumption); 4) the index of the consumption of certain goods per capita; 5) The index of consumption of durable goods per capita.

Task 5
In the reporting year. in one country was 74,700,000. Children and adolescents under 16 years of age; people of working age - 130 500 000. people. And people older than working age - 36.3 mln. People. Define:
1. The proportion of people of working age in the general population.
2. The proportion of people below working age.
3. The proportion of people older than working age.
4. The replacement of the population of working age.
5. The load factor of the population of working age.
6. The ratio of the pension burden of the population of working age.

Task 6
Determine the percentage change, the average number of employees, if the average wage increased by 5% and the payroll was reduced by 5%.

Task 7
Gross domestic product in the reporting period amounted to 3,000 million rubles. Deflator index is 250%. Calculate the volume of GDP at comparable prices.
a) 1200;
b) 6000;
c) 1500.


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