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Choose the best Russian equivalent. Algorithmic languages \u200b\u200bare used for programming economic problems.
and - For the economic problems in the programming will be used algorithmic languages.
b - The algorithmic problems using algorithmic languages.
with - Algorithmic languages \u200b\u200bare used for programming and economic problems.

Choose the best Russian equivalent. A group of scientists succeeded in developing a new kind of a computer.
and - A group of scientists has succeeded in developing a new type of computer.
b - A team of scientists to develop a new type of computer, is a success.
with - a new type of computer was developed by scientists.

Match the English words with the following Russian ones: sampling, measure demand (to complain), cash, favorable (income), labor, imprisonment, consumption (expenditure), a census

Choose the Russian equivalent to the underlined -ing form: deciding decide decision deciding decisive
The engineer solving this problem is a highly qualified.
Having solved this problem they got excellent results.
He suggested solving this problem.
Solving this problem they helped to finish this work.
Solving this problem is very important in our work.

Choose the best Russian equivalent. He has to take the data as they occur.
and - It is necessary to take the data in the order in which they are received.
b - He took the data when they came.
c - It must take the data as soon as they arrive.

Match the Russian words with the following English ones: manage, to provide (with), commodity, separately, distribution, restriction, income, experience, wage

Choose the correct description to each English sentence: the subordinate subject, attributive clause, clause predicate clause additional, subordinate facts
The problem is what the price of the share is.
The board of directors decides how the firm must be run.
The report he made at the conference showed his great progress in learning statistics.
Problems can also occur when one stage of production depends on another stage.
That the shares merely become worthless does not bring any doubt.

Choose the best Russian equivalent. To take into account.
and - Take into account
b - Scoring.
c - Taking registration.

Choose the English translation of the following: professional training, in view of, in the course of, to assimilate a great amount of information, to improve one's qualification, independent work, a highly-skilled specialist, in most cases
vocational training
to improve their skills
In most cases
learn a lot of information
during (something) for (something)
highly qualified expert
mean (smth.)
independent work

Choose the best Russian equivalent. If it (material) is to be used as a basis.
a - If it should be used as the base.
b - If it were to be used as the basis.
with - if it is used as a base.

Choose the Russian equivalent to the underlined -ing form: read, read, read, read, read
Reading this book they learned new words and expressions.
Having read this book he learned many words and expressions.
He told us about the student reading this book.
Reading this book is useful for learning English words and expressions.
The teacher suggested reading this book for learning English words and expressions.

Additional information

Pay attention to the words underlined in the sentences. Choose their translation: measure, purchase, low cost (price) to buy, measure (measure), means to appreciate, mean (mean)
What do we use to measure distance?
Money serves as a means of accumulation or a way of hoarding treasures.
With money we can purchase consumer goods.
The value of a commodity in terms of money is called its price.
What does it mean?
It has always been valued very much.
Your purchase is just in time.
He is a mean man.
There must be another measure and other methods of measurement.

Choose the Russian equivalent to the underlined -ing form: writing, when writing, writing, write, writing
Having written the program they fed it into the comuter.
Writing a program they used a special language - Pascal.
The teacher suggested writing a program in Pascal.
Writing a program is necessary to introduce a problem into a computer.
Students writing the program were future specialists in banking.

Choose the function of the Participle to each English sentence: The rules for determining circumstance, left the definition of (active voice), an independent participial
Gas consists of a number of particles moving at a tremendous speed.
Operating characteristics of goods are usually given in graphical forms.
The question being too difficult, no one could answer it.
The radio set bought by you is often out of order.
While melting the snow keeps the same temperature.

Choose the best Russian equivalent. We knew of this work having been done lately.
a - We have recently learned that this work is carried out.
b - We knew that was recently done this work.
to - recently made the work that we knew before.
Choose the best Russian equivalent. They are glad of having translated such interesting articles.
and - they are glad that moved such interesting articles.
b - They are happy that translate such interesting articles.
with - they are glad that translate such interesting articles.

Choose the best Russian equivalent. His having translated this article became known to us.
a - We know that it translates this article.
b - We have learned that he translated this article.
a - We know the translation of this article.

Choose the best Russian equivalent. He said of some interesting program having been written in the laboratory.
a - He said that the interesting program was written in the laboratory.
b - In some laboratories write an interesting program, he said.
C - He said that he had written an interesting program in the laboratory.


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