DigiSeller is also offering creation of your own partner store. You can stock it with the products you choose dividing them into categories, if necessary and use our HTML code on your website example. In addition, you can download our archive and copy its content to your server (hosting). In that case, you get a fully automated partner store (see example), the style and design of which you can set yourself. You can see instructions and start creating the store right now!

Сome up with a name and get your free partner store at http://my_name.plati.market

Pick a memorable address and publish it on your site, in social networks or blogs. The partner commission will be credited to your account according to the scheme provided in the Info.



  • Only Latin letters, digits, “-“ or “_” characters are allowed in the address.
  • The name must consist of a minimum of three characters.
  • Addresses containing obscene words are prohibited
  • Prohibited addresses that mislead visitors:
      - Matched by name or denoting present in Plati.Market categories, such as "wow" "worldofwarcraft", "skype", etc.
      - General non-personalized addresses, which resemble systemic ones, for example "buy", "games", "en-US", etc.

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