The Plati partner (affiliate) program

The principle behind the program is very simple: a partner publishes our ads (for instance, a link to a particular product) on his website. If a visitor clicks the link and purchases the product within one month from the date of click-through, a percent of the order value is paid to the partner.

Plati uses a pay-per-sale model. The amount of partners’ commission is set by the seller of the product. There is no minimum payout threshold – a partner can request the withdrawal of any amount accumulated on his account.

ur partner program has been working for over 10 years and the number of registered users is nearing 300,000. We fully realize the financial transparency is the foundation of the program’s success, and the driving force behind revenue growth. That is why we pay for conversions (sales) only to rule out the possibility of disputes that often take place in case of payments for click-throughs or ad displays.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please register. We will immediately provide access to a number of tools and you will be able to pick the ones that work best for you and your site:

  1. Links to store pages and products

    You publish links to our products or pages on your website or the wall of your social network. These links contain your unique partner identifier. When a user clicks a link and lands on the target page, the identifier is saved on the user’s computer for 10 days as a cookie. That is how you will get a commission from every purchase made by this user within a month. If the user revisits our site using your referral link, the lifetime of the original cookie is extended accordingly.

  2. Search form

    Our flexible settings allow you to fully customize the appearance of the search form, including its size, colors and overall design.

    If you have any questions the answers to which are not on this page, please feel free to ask them right now.

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