To place a link to the main or any other page of Plati on your website, do the following:

  1. Select a page on the Plati website
  2. Copy its address (URL) from the browser’s address bar
  3. If the address already contains a ? character, add &ai=XXXXX to the end of the address or ?ai=XXXXX if there is no ? in it.
    XXXXX is your Partner ID that you received after registering at DigiSeller. Use the login form on the right to find your Partner ID.
  4. Publish link on your website or the wall of your social network


Link to the main page of Plati

<a href=""></a>

Link to a catalog section

<a href="">World of Warcraft</a>

Link to a seller's page

<a href="">Kross</a>

Other links that you can use

As part of our partner program (only!), we allow users to use any materials from the Plati marketplace, including product names and descriptions, comments, reviews and such. You are free to choose how the partner links will look on your website.

More information about the Plati partner program is available in Info.

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