Partner API

Use the XML interfaces we provide to recreate the Plati product catalog with a custom theme on your website.

More information about the Plati partner program is available in Info.


Request URL
Method: POST
Request data: <digiseller.request> <guid_agent></guid_agent> <lang>en-US</lang> <id_seller></id_seller> <id_good></id_good> <type_response></type_response> <page></page> <rows></rows> </digiseller.request>

Request parameters

Name Use Comment
guid_agent your Partner UID You need to log in or register as a partner using the form on the right.
lang ru-RU | en-US
id_seller seller ID integer
id_good item id integer; if not specified, then selected all feedbacks on seller's items
page page number
rows the number of lines per page (maximum 500) integer

Response format

Response sample <digiseller.response> <retval></retval> <retdesc></retdesc> <id_seller></id_seller> <id_good></id_good> <cnt_responses></cnt_responses> <page></page> <pages></pages> <rows cnt=""> <row id=""> <type_response></type_response> <date_response></date_response> <text_response></text_response> <comment></comment> </row> </rows> </digiseller.response>

Response parameters

Name Use Comment
retval result code 0 — request successfully processed
retdesc description of result code
id_seller seller ID
id_good item id
cnt_responses num of responses
page page number
pages total pages num
rows rows parameters
rows \ row row parameters id — serial row number
rows \ row \ type_response type of feedback good | bad
rows \ row \ date_response date of feedback
rows \ row \ text_response text content of feedback
rows \ row \ comment seller comments on negative review

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