DigiSeller is also offering creation of your own partner store. You can stock it with the products you choose dividing them into categories, if necessary and use our HTML code on your website example. In addition, you can download our archive and copy its content to your server (hosting). In that case, you get a fully automated partner store (see example), the style and design of which you can set yourself. You can see instructions and start creating the store right now!

Partner API

Use the XML interfaces we provide to recreate the Plati product catalog with a custom theme on your website.

More information about the Plati partner program is available in Info.


Request URL https://plati.io/xml/seller_goods.asp
Method: POST
Request data: <digiseller.request> <guid_agent></guid_agent> <id_seller></id_seller> <page></page> <rows></rows> <currency></currency> <order></order> </digiseller.request>

Request parameters

Name Use Comment
guid_agent your Partner UID You need to log in or register as a partner using the form on the right.
lang ru-RU | en-US
id_seller seller ID integer
page page number (if you do not specify the page number, then displays the first page) integer
rows number of items per page (maximum 500) integer
currency currency to display prices of items USD | RUR | EUR | UAH
order way to sort items name — name asc
nameDESC — name desc
price — price desc
priceDESC — price asc
rating - sellers ratings asc
ratingDESC - sellers ratings desc

if not specified, then sorted by rating the seller and the amount paid for the recommended

Response format

Response sample <digiseller.response> <retval></retval> <retdesc></retdesc> <id_seller></id_seller> <name_seller></name_seller> <cnt_goods></cnt_goods> <pages></pages> <page></page> <order></order> <rows cnt=""> <row id=""> <id_goods></id_goods> <name_goods></name_goods> <price></price> <currency></currency> <cnt_sell></cnt_sell> <cnt_return></cnt_return> <cnt_good_responses></cnt_good_responses> <cnt_bad_responses></cnt_bad_responses> <sale_info> <common_base_price></common_base_price> <common_price_usd></common_price_usd> <common_price_rur></common_price_rur> <common_price_eur></common_price_eur> <common_price_uah></common_price_uah> <sale_percent></sale_percent> </sale_info> </row> </rows> </digiseller.response>

Response parameters

Name Use Comment
retval result code 0 — request successfully processed
retdesc description of result code
id_seller seller ID
name_seller nickname of the seller
cnt_goods number of items of category
pages total pages num
page page number
order selected sorting method
rows rows parameters
rows \ row row parameters id — serial row number
rows \ row \ id_goods item id
rows \ row \ name_goods item name
rows \ row \ price price
rows \ row \ currency currency type
rows \ row \ cnt_sell sold
rows \ row \ cnt_return number of refunds
rows \ row \ cnt_goodresponses positive feedbacks
rows \ row \ cnt_badresponses negative feedbacks
rows \ row \ sale_info sale information
rows \ row \ sale_info \ common_base_price base price before sale
rows \ row \ sale_info \ common_price_usd price before sale. currency: USD
rows \ row \ sale_info \ common_price_rur price before sale. currency: RUR
rows \ row \ sale_info \ common_price_eur price before sale. currency: EUR
rows \ row \ sale_info \ common_price_uah price before sale. currency: UAH
rows \ row \ sale_info \ sale_percent discount percent

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