DigiSeller is also offering creation of your own partner store. You can stock it with the products you choose dividing them into categories, if necessary and use our HTML code on your website example. In addition, you can download our archive and copy its content to your server (hosting). In that case, you get a fully automated partner store (see example), the style and design of which you can set yourself. You can see instructions and start creating the store right now!

Partner API

Use the XML interfaces we provide to recreate the Plati product catalog with a custom theme on your website.

More information about the Plati partner program is available in Info.

Items search

Request URL https://plati.io/api/search.ashx?query={search_phrase}&pagesize={page size}&pagenum={page number}&response={response format}
Method: GET

Request parameters

Name Use Comment
query search_phrase at least three characters
pagesize page size 20 default; less than 500
page_num it is used when the first query returned more than 1 "totalpages"
response_format response format xml/json, xml default

Sample: https://plati.io/api/search.ashx?query=battlefield 4&response=xml

Response parameters

Name Use Comment
name, name_eng product name
url URL of Item You can use this link adding &ai=ZZZ, where ZZZ is your Partner ID
section_id section ID
price_XXX price in XXX
partner_commiss partner reward for selling this item
description, description_eng product description
seller_id seller ID
image URL of item image e.g. http://graph.digiseller.ru/img.ashx?idd=1446196

you can use additional parameters :
crop={true|false} - crop if necessary
maxlength={maximum on the larger side}

e.g. http://graph.digiseller.ru/img.ashx?idd=1446196&h=100&w=100&crop=true
numsold sold