1. Public API

Items search

https://plati.io/api/search.ashx?query={search_phrase}&pagesize={page size}&pagenum={page number}&visibleOnly={only available}&response={response format}
  • {search_phrase} — at least three characters
  • {page size} — 20 default; less than 500
  • {page number} — it is used when the first query returned more than 1 "totalpages"
  • {only available} — only available for purchase: true|false
  • {response format} — xml/json, xml default

Sample: https://plati.io/api/search.ashx?query=battlefield 4&visibleOnly=true&response=xml

Offers list of category "Games" in the YML format

Offers list is updated once a day. For each category is given one item, leading to the issuance of the catalogue and the search of Plati

List of the most popular sections

Use section is as:

  • https://plati.market/asp/list_redirect.asp?id_r=section_id

2. Partner API

Use the XML interfaces we provide to recreate the Plati product catalog with a custom theme on your website.

More information about the Plati partner program is available in Info.

3. Automated purchase via invoice payment in the WebMoney system

In order to access purchase interfaces as well as purchases from a fixed WMID you need to send a request to support@plati.market

3.1 Invoice creating
3.2 Invoice paying
3.3 Getting your purchases

4. Need more? Feel free to write to support@plati.market

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