Refund Policy

Plati.Market service is responsible for fast delivery of digital goods after payment (to specified email, as well as to buyer's personal account on ). At the same time the buyer should be aware that in case of purchase of such goods as unique activation code, pin code, prepaid card, etc., quick unconditional refund is not possible due to the fact that the sold unique code is compromised. Funds received from the sale are not available to the seller immediately and are blocked on the seller's internal account for 3 to 15 days, depending on the seller's level of identification.

If the buyer is dissatisfied with the purchase due to non-compliance of the goods with the description / non-functionality of the goods / non-delivery of the goods, the buyer's actions should be as follows:

  1. Go to the page of purchase using the link in the email with the purchase, or in the buyer's personal account on the website Leave negative feedback: at the bottom of the purchase page, the tab "FEEDBACK", "Your Rating” : "BAD" and click on the button "Save Feedback".
  2. The "CHAT WITH SELLERS" tab allows the buyer to have a dispute with the seller, if the seller has any additional questions about the claim. This chat tool also allows you to attach images, documents and archives.
  3. If the seller does not respond within 72 hours or the dispute is deadlocked, the buyer should contact the administration of the service via email and report the account number.
  4. The administration of the Plati.Market reviews the appeal of the buyer within 72 hours and also examines the course of the dispute on negative feedback. If the decision is in favor of the buyer and there are enough funds in the seller's internal account for the refund, Plati.Market will initiate the refund to the buyer. Term of crediting of funds to the buyer depends on the method of payment and can take up to 5 working days.
  5. If the decision on the dispute is not in favor of the buyer or the seller's account does not have enough funds, the buyer reserves the right to complain to the payment system (bank, financial support of the payment system, etc.) depending on the method of payment. In this case Plati.Market service is obliged to interact with the payment integrator (or the acquiring bank) to provide all the information necessary for the examination of the case.

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