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TASK number 1
There is evidence of time-customers on the design of consumer credit in large salons electronics city, min .:
Client Time spent on the design of customers of consumer credit
1 21.5
2 21.5
3 24.5
32 22.6
33 29.4
34 22.2
Based on the data to build a variation number interval distribution customers time-consuming loan processing using regular, closed intervals (5 intervals). The results take the form of group tables and graphically. Type choose your own schedule.

OBJECTIVE number 2
There is evidence of sales companies in the region for the year:
The company number one enterprise number 2
Of sales of sales mln. Rub. in% of the plan in% to the previous year mln. rubles. in% of the plan in% to the previous year
125 103 119.8 127 120 121.0
Identify: 1. The relative values \u200b\u200bof the target figure for each company;
2. The average of the two companies the relative performance levels of dynamics, the planned target, the plan;
3. The relative values \u200b\u200bof the structure - the proportion of production of each company in the total volume of sales on the plan and actual.

TASK number 3
The table shows the libraries of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region at the beginning of 2006 .:
Region Number of libraries at the beginning of the year Number of books on average per one library, thou. Copies Number of books on one reader the number of readers per 1000 inhabitants
St. Petersburg 286 296 183.9 38.8
Leningrad region 470 17.2 339 14.5
Calculate the average for the two regions: the number of books in a library; the number of books per reader; the number of readers per library; the number of readers per 1,000 inhabitants; the number of books per capita.

TASK number 4
On the basis of the distribution of a number of variations, built in task 1, to determine:
 the average level of aggregate customer time spent on the design of consumer credit;
 structural averages;
 indicators of the size and intensity variation.

TASK number 5
Using the results of calculations performed in the job 4, and assuming that the job data 1 obtained by a random selection of 10% -bespovtornogo determine:
1. limits, for which a confidence level of 0.954 will not cost the average value of the customer's time to processing the loan, calculated by the general population;
2. how to change the sample size, to reduce the margin of error average value of the time spent on loan at 20%?
3. The limits beyond which the population will not share value customers who exceed individual characteristic value mode (confidence level 0.997);
4. How to change the size of the sample, if the lower limit error percentage of clients whose individual value exceeds the characteristic fashion, at 20%?

TASK number 6
There are data on the dynamics of average prices in the secondary market by districts of St. Petersburg, 2006 (rub. Per m2):
Month Vyborg district,
Average prices on the secondary housing market
January 30538.3
February 31076.4

TASK number 7
There is some data that characterize the dynamics of an indicator in the Russian Federation in 2000-2005. In the table you want to restore the missing data. Calculate the average dynamo: the average level of the series, the mean absolute change, the average growth rate and the average growth rate. Draw conclusions ....

TASK number 8
There is evidence of the sale of the products in the retail trade for two periods:
Products Unit. rev. Goods sold, thousand. Units. The selling price per unit., Rubles.
the base period of the reporting period the base period the reporting period
A kg 69 65 40 42
B L 33 35 30 35 .....

TASK number 9
There are data on the costs of population and consumer price indices in the region over two years:
Groups spending Household spending, bln. Rub. Price indices,%
the base year reporting period

Additional information

TASK number 10
There are data on individuals' deposits "Pension Plus" in the offices of Sberbank of Russia in the region for the two periods:
Branch banking including deposits, thousand. The average size of the deposit, rub.
the base period of the reporting period the base period the reporting period
1 8 10 16170 19850
February 16 20 17470 10000
1. The average size of the deposit in the vicinity of the current and base periods;
2. The share of the contributions of each division to the total number of deposits in the area;
3. The individual indices of medium size contribution for each department;
4. The index of the average for the area size of the contribution of variable, constant structure and structural changes.

TASK number 11
The following socio-economic indicators of regional development for two years.
Region GRP, bln. Rub. The average number of employed in the economy, thsd. Persons. The average cost of fixed assets in the economy, bln. Rub.
the base year fiscal year fiscal year the base year reference year reporting period
3 22.89 39.0 567.1 599.1 162.28 198.34
1) Based on the data to calculate the level and dynamics: .....

TASK number 12
There is evidence of the development of electric power of labor and production on industry enterprises:
Of electric power per worker labor, kWh Number of enterprises Average output per worker per month, ths. Rub. Dispersion development
8.0 5 85 529
8.0-10.0 6112324
10.0 or more 4125 1024
Describe the relationship of electric power between labor and production reports on the industry.

TASK number 13
There are data characterizing changes in the population in the regions of North-West Federal District in 2004 .:
Novgorod region
The population at the beginning of the year, thous. People. 683
The population at the end of the year, thous. People. 674
Births, people. 6438 ....

TASK number 14
Calculate the missing figures in the table. A comparative analysis of labor market indicators in the Southern Federal District with the average data in 2005. To characterize changes in employment in the Russian Federation and the Southern Federal District for the period under review.
Russian Federation Southern Federal District
1996 2005 1996 2005
The economically active population, thousand. People. 69660 73881 8890 10745
Employment in the economy, thousand. People. 62928 7734
Unemployed (ILO definition), thous. People. 1156 1526
The unemployed, registered with employment services, thou. Pers. 2506.0 298
Employment rate,%
Unemployment rate,% 7.6 13.0
The registered unemployment rate,% 2.5 5.8

TASK number 15
There are data on the movement of capital assets (PF), and the results of the company in the reporting year:
The total carrying value of PF in the beginning of the year, mln. Rub.
Wear of PF at the beginning of the year, mln. Rub. 1125
Wear factor PF at the beginning of the year, 30%
Permission of the new PF, mln. Rub. 925
The coefficient update PF%
Retired PF all:
 the full book value
 on the residual value of 250
In particular, retired OB of dilapidation and wear
 the full carrying value of 512.5 ......

TASK number 16
As a result of the activities of the national economy in the reporting period were the following data (in current prices, bln. Rub.)
Output of goods and services at basic prices - 3200
Intermediate consumption - 1640
Taxes on products and imports - 260 ....

TASK number 17
Data are available for certain types of economic activities in the Russian Federation for 2003-2004 .:
Economic activity Gross value added (GVA) at current prices, bln. Rubles. GVA deflator, in% of previous year
2003 2004 2003 2004 ....

TASK number 18
There are data on the distribution of population by average per capita income:
Distribution of the population of the region by per capita mo


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