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1. Образуйте множественное число от данных существительных:
Knife, sheep, foot, Englishman, worker, city, hot, book, child, coat.

2. Откройте скобки, используя степени сравнения прилагательных:
1. The room of Bob is (large) than my room
2. Mary is (clever) pupil in the class.
3. My (young) sister lives in Kiev now.
4. 4. We don´t want any (far) explanations

3. Заполните пропуски прилагательными в сравнительной или превосходней степени.
1. Africa is (big) than Europe.
2. The Volga is (long) river.
3. Asia is (large) than South America.
4. Elbrus is (high) than Mont Blanc.
5. Everest is (high) mountain.

4. Заполните пропуски нужной формой глагола to be.
1. How … she?
2. How … you? I … fine.
3. How … your friend?
4. … he your son?
5 Tomorrow we … at home.

5. Поставьте глаголы-сказуемые в Present Indefinite.
1. His name was Den. 2. He lived with his parents. 3. They will describe Den´s home. 4. The children had no friends. 5. He did not want to go to the country. 6. She likes ice cream. 7. Did he learn how to shoot? 8. They did not begin to work. 9. He read the book 10. She will understand the meaning. 11. Did he go to school?

6 Раскроите скобкиf употребив Present, Past или. Future Indefinite Tenses.
1. Students of our group make interesting reports at the sitting of the English club, (at the next sitting of the club) 2.1 am a second-year student,(next year) 3. They (not know) my address, (yesterday) 4. My friend (not study) at the University. He´s a schoolboy.

7 Вставьте артикли a, an, the где необходимо:
l. Yesterday I saw... new film, but., film wasn´t very interesting. 2. Moscow is situated on.. Moskva river and London is situated on... Thames. 3. Yuri Gagarin was... first man to fly over... Earth in spaceship. 4. My sister will go to school.. next year.

Раскрыть скобки в правильной временной форме
His new book (to finish) next year.
Flowers (to sell) in shops and in the streets.
St Petersburg (to found) in 1703.

12. Вставьте подходящие модальные глаголы.
1. You … not come to help them tomorrow: the work is done.
2. You … not change the whole text as the beginning is all right. You … only rewrite the second part of it.
3. … you help me now? – I am afraid not. I am in a great hurry. I shall be free in the evening. Come to my place at about eight, and I … help you.
4. John … not tell us the rules of the game: we know them.

13. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на герундий.
1 I had no hope of getting an answer before the end of the month.
2 I had the pleasure of dancing with her whole evening.
3 Let’s go boating.
4 He talked without stopping.
5 Some people can walk all day without feeling tired.


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