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Exercise I.
Translate the following sentences, paying attention to the rules of transfer of the subjunctive mood.
Sample implementation:
1. Everybody insisted thad the meeting should start earlier. All insisted that before the meeting started.
He demands that the question should be discussed at tomorrow`s meeting.
The manager insisted that the secretary ask for permission to stay away.
Mr. Howard insists that everybody should be present at the meeting.
The speaker recommended that all the facts should be mentioned.
Exercise II
Translate the sentences. Determine the type of conditional sentences. Emphasize the auxiliary verb and the infinitive.
Sample implementation:
1. If he works hard he will pass his exam. Type I, indicative mood
2. If he had worked hard last term, he would have passed his exam. Type III, the subjunctive. If it is to work hard, he will pass the exam.

If he worked hard in the last semester, he would have passed the exam.
If wages rise, unemployment will increase. - If wages rise, the unemployment rate increased \\\\ increase.
If we installed new equipment, we would become more competitive.
If the market for our products expands, we will have a 20 per cent increase in turnover next year.
Had he known that he wonldn`t have said anything.
The demand for most goods and services will increase provided incomes are rising.
Exercise III
Rewrite and translate the sentence. Emphasize the infinitive and determine its function in the sentence.
Sample implementation:
1. To tell him about it is a problem.
1. Here are the papers to be signed
2. Howard wants to teach you Spanigh.
addition tell him that - a problem.

Here are the papers to be signed.
Howard wants to teach you Spanish.
1. To offer each customer the right product or service is our purpose.
The employers agreed to accept the terms of the deal.
To enter the market requires a lot of hard work.
The engineers must test the system to be used.
To create a supply of loans people with the necessary financial resources have to be persuaded to loan.
Exercise IV
Rewrite and translate the sentence. Pay attention to the translation rules infinitive turns. Emphasize infinitive momentum and determine its type.
1. He is said to be working on his report
Subjective infinitive turnover.
2. The driver wanted the driver wanted the car to be filled up.
Object infinitive turnover. It is said that he is currently working on its report.

The driver wanted the car refueled.
The manager considers the results to be unsatisfactory.
The company is said to be loosing a lot of money.
The new manager is said to work 12 hours a day.
We expect interest rates to rise next week.
A small firm is likely to be specializing in one product.
Exercise V. Rewrite and translate the sentence. Emphasize Communion I, II. Determine its function in the sentence.
SAMPLE performance:
1.Reading English books you enlarge your vocabulary.
Reading - participle I, circumstance reading English books, you increase your vocabulary.
2.The machine designed by him will help us greatly.
designed - Communion II, definition. The machine, designed by him, we will be very helpful.
3. While studying a foreign language students should learn new words.
Studying - Communion I, circumstance. Learning a foreign language student needs to learn new words.
The information obtained is very valuable.
The persons forming a company have to submit several documents.
Calculating the programme he paid attention to possible changes.
The house was restored by this firm.
A country wishing to limit its population may discourage immigration and encourage emigration.
Grammatical explanations to exercise № VI.

Additional information

Exercise VI. Rewrite and translate the proposal by paying attention to the rules of the transfer involved turns. Emphasize participial. Determine the type.
Sample implementation:
1. Having considered the matter we arrived at a definite decision.
Dependent participial considering this question, we have come to a definite decision.
2. Time permitting we shall solve these problems.
Independent participial When time permits, we will solve these problems.
It being too late, they decided to stop working.
Being invited too late my friend could not come.
Most industries make use of a variety of machines, each machine carrying out a different operation.
Exercise VII.
Rewrite and translate the sentence. Emphasize the gerund and determine its function.
Sample implementation:
1. Smoking is bad for you.
Smoking- subject
2. I gave up smoking.
Smoking - a direct object
We discussed opening a new business.
Entering a new market is important.
He risks loosing all of his money.
Exercise VIII.
a) Translate the text: GOOD MANAGERA lot of research has been carried out into what makes a good manager. This research covers all types of working environments including industry, retailing and government. The result has been that several characteristics have been identified as being typical of the very best managers. It seems that good managers are quick to give the praise to employees who deserve it and the company, to a customer, for example. Also a characteristic of good managers is that they treat people fairy and do not have favorites. The researchers found that managers who were thought to be discriminating against some people and giving to others special treatment could seriously reduce the efficiency of the work force. It was also noticed that good managers moved around a lot, getting to know all the staff as well as people outside the company, instead of always staying inside the office. However, this had to be done carefully because employees, although they appreciate the manager taking an interest in their work do not want him or her constantly looking over their shoulder.
b) Answer the question:
What are the characteristics of a good manager?


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