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Product description

Problem number 1
From warehouse organization kidnapped materials worth 9,000 rubles. With a market value of 10,000 rubles. Perpetrators installed. Materials not returned. The amount of damages shall be recovered from the salary of the person responsible.
Reflect on accounts produced evidence of economic activity.
Problem number 2.Zapisat on accounts of accounting facts of economic activities according to the calculations
with the personnel on payment (in th. rub.).
1. Accrued c / payment: the main production work shops for the manufacture of products 630
workers of auxiliary shops 240
slave m busy. maintenance of equipment in the shops of the main production 210
managers, professionals and employees 280 Total: 1360
2. The benefits accrued time. disability 86
3. Made charging UST?
4. withheld from wages: income tax on physical persons 177
alimony 28
pecuniary loss 12
for marriage 10
5. checked out from the cash salary in 1071
6. Deposited lost wages?
Problem number 4.
The organization has signed a contract for the purchase of equipment worth US $ 20,000. The date of transfer of ownership of the date of receipt of the equipment to the customer's warehouse. Produced prepayment. The fee is 10%. The equipment is intended for production purposes.
Reference: dollar exchange rate on the date of payment of 26.25 rubles. per dollar, customs. clearance - 26.51 rubles., admission to the warehouse of the buyer - 25.85 rubles.
Reflect on accounts held by business facts.
Problem number 5.Rasschitat declining balance method depreciation expense for years, if you know that:
the original cost of fixed assets 200 000
the useful life of 5 years; factor 3; Create buhg.provodki.
Problem number 6.
The organization carries out repair of motor vehicles on the balance sheet, using the services of auto-service. If they spent repairing spare parts in the amount of 3,650 rubles. (Obtained from the warehouse of the organization), credited with reward workers for replacement of worn parts in the amount of 2,000 rubles., Paid for car service for repairs of separate units in the amount of 11,800 rubles., Including VAT. Reflect on accounts made all the facts of economic activities (lead options).
Problem number 7. Organization expensed materials worth 15,500 rubles. as a result of deterioration. The guilty person with whom a contract of liability, agreed to voluntarily pay damages by withholding from wages. VAT in the amount of 2790 rubles. It was allocated to settlements with the budget to the detection of spoilage. Reflect on accounts held by business facts.
Problem №14
On the basis of the inventory revealed doubtful debt in the amount of 35 thousand. Rub. and accounts receivable with expired limitation period in the amount of 15 thousand. rub. At the end of the reporting period, a provision for doubtful receivables and deducted from the balance of accounts receivable from the statute of limitations expired.
Reflect on accounts held by business facts.
Task number 8.
Organization gratuitously received fixed assets in the amount of 200,000 rubles. The object is obtained for productive use. The useful life is set to 5 years, straight-line method is used for explanation of depreciation. Reflect on accounts adoption asset on the balance sheet.
Objective number 9.
The authorized capital stock is 100000rub. According to the memorandum of association and the size of the nominal value of shares of participants is as follows:
first - 50% of the share capital, the second - 30%, the third - 20%. Two members pay their share of the funds, and the third - the equipment for production purposes, an independent evaluation is carried out.
Reflect on accounts held by business facts.

Additional information

Problem №24
Calculate method of depreciation in proportion to the volume of goods (works) depreciation expense for years, knowing that: the initial cost of the fixed assets 200,000 rubles.
the expected volume of output =
1 year - 160,000 units., 2 year - 190,000 units., 3 year - 200,000 units., 4 year - 200,000 units., 5 year -250,000 units. Total = 1,000,000 units.
Problem №25
Reflect on the accounts of accounting facts households. Activities for the production of products, its shipping and financial results from sales. For tax purposes, the organization uses the cash method.
1. released from pro-wah and capitalized at the warehouse 800.000
2. The finished product was shipped to customers 700,000
3. The selling price of products shipped, including VAT 1,080,700
4. Written off the cost of sales related to products sold 36.000
5. levied VAT on goods sold 180,000
6. Identify and write off fin.rezultat from sales of products ....
Problem №26
The organization sells products under the terms of its delivery to the buyer. The cost of products shipped was 240000r, incl. VAT 40000 rub., The cost-kot. 180000r.Raskhody the delivery of goods to the buyer will be 5000 rubles.
Create buhg.provodki and reflect on the accounts of accounting.
Problem №27
1Spisana initial value of intangible assets mean. Sales 7965
2.Spisana amortization of intangible assets accrued in 1750
3. Written off: a) Nemat. assets shipped. the buyer of residues. cost ......
b) the costs of the sale, paid. from podotch. 620 sums
c) the cost peredan.pokupatelyu prodan.nemat.aktivov11800
d) VAT on sold intangible. Assets 1800
Total (sum determined) ......
4. entered the p / s prodannnye amounts for intangible assets 11,800
Task №29Priobreteny shares worth 200,000 rubles. Costs related to the acquisition of securities is 10,000 rubles, incl. VAT. Reflect entry securities, taking into account the options of accounting policies.
Problem №30
31.01.08 Organization, the acquired bonds, non-negotiable on an organized market of securities in the amount of 1,000. The nominal value of one bond is 1000 rubles., The purchase price of 1035 rubles., On bonds pay interest at the rate of 12% per annum, and mature - 30.09.09 year. Flip operations in accounting, if in accordance with the accounting policy for the purpose of accounting the initial cost of debt securities, non-marketable at the organized securities market, brought to the nominal value as accrued interest income.


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