Economic theory (test)

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1. The term "economy" in Greek means:
A) Thrift B) laws housekeeping) national economy of the country
2. Which of the following relationships are social and economic:
a) between the director and head of production
b) between the directors and employees of the enterprise
c) between the directors and shareholders of the company
3. Which of the scientific method involves the connection elements into a coherent whole:
a) Analysis b) synthesis) induction d) deduction
4. Draw the graph of the curve of production capacity situation in the country will be reduced if the number of experts on production "X" at the same time, the technology for the production of the product "Y" will be significantly enhanced:
5. What type of service and economic systems is the absence of monopoly:
A) traditional economy B) command-administrative system
B) market economy free competition d) modern market economy
6. Assignment - the process:
a) denationalization
b) the alienation of property subject of one of the other
c) transfer of property from one form to another
7. In what form reforms confiscation of property used:
a) The nationalization b) collectivization) privatization
8. Which of the following is not characteristic of natural economy (2 or more correct answers):
□ production of goods for sale
□ predominance of manual labor
□ use of market mechanisms
□ lack of development of economic ties
9. What has been the sanitize feature of the market:
a) help address social issues
b) reduce unemployment
c) cleans economy from inefficient enterprises
10. Determine the elasticity of demand for the goods, if a price increase it from 10 to 12 rubles. the amount of purchased goods decreased from 200 to 180 units.
Answer: -0.5.
E = [ΔQ / Q0] / [? P / P0] = [(180-200) / 200] / [(12-10) / 10] = - 0.5, where P - price; Q - volume of demand.

11. Demand for the goods represented by the equation QD = 100 - P, and the proposal QS = 4P - 250
Calculate the coordinates of the point of equilibrium.
Answer: The equilibrium price will be 30, and the equilibrium bulk 70.
The equilibrium price equating to define the functions of supply and demand:
Qd = Qs = 100-P = 4P-250; 5P = 350; P = 350/5 = 70.
The equilibrium volume define substituting in any of the equations of equilibrium price:
Q = 100-70 = 4 * 30 = 70-250.
12. In what situations may be present on the market a large number of sellers of goods (2 or more correct answers):
□ pure monopoly
□ oligopoly
□ monopolistic competition with product differentiation
□ monopsony
13. Determine the Herfindahl-Hirschman index, if the industry are 6 companies with the share of one of them - 30%, the other two - 20%, the rest - 10%
Answer: HHI = 1190.
Herfindahl-Hirschman coefficient by the formula:
HHI = Σd2, where d - the market share of each firm.
We get: HHI = 302 + 2 + 3 * 202 * 102 = 1190.
This market is a market for low concentrations.
14. Limitation of Liability suggests that in the case of bankruptcy the owner:
A) pays only part of the debt
B) the risk of their personal property
B) runs the risk of contribution to the enterprise
15. Which of the following refers to the fixed costs of the enterprise (2 or more correct answers):
□ purchase of raw materials
□ piecework wages to employees
□ tenancy
□ interest for bank loans
16. The difference between the nominal and the available salary - is:
A) inflation b) the amount of taxes and other obligatory payments to) piecework wage

Additional information

17. Which of these persons is not part of the economically active population (2 or more correct answers):
□ working pensioner
□ able-bodied woman housewife
□ conscripts
□ an unemployed job seeker
18. Income derived by the owner of a factor of production without the application of entrepreneurial effort is called the rent ...
19. What factors affect the amount of differential rent I type (2 or more correct answers):
□ the fertility of the land
□ the presence of buildings on the site
□ produced a rarity in the area of \u200b\u200bagricultural
□ Removal of the portion of the market
20. Which of the following does not apply to the capital market (2 or more correct answers):
□ consumer market
□ market of means of production
□ the stock market
□ labor market.
21. Transcribe abbreviation GDP - gross domestic product ...
22. Which of the following applies to public goods (2 or more correct answers):
□ public transportation
□ landscaping streets
□ export of waste
□ essentials (bread, salt, etc.)
23. What is the length of the aggregate supply curve (in the macroeconomic model AD-AS) corresponds to the state of the economy at full employment of resources:
A) vertical B) horizontal V) intermediate
24. What happens in the economy in conditions of underemployment of resources, if the government reduces the budget expenditure:
A) an increase in unemployment b) inflation in the) output growth
25. "paradox of thrift" suggests that with the growth of savings income in the society:
a) increases b) decreases) remain unchanged
26. Natural unemployment does not apply:
A) friction B) block B) cyclic
27. Which of the following operation is performed Central Bank (2 or more correct answers):
□ purchase of foreign currency
□ accept deposits from the public
□ issuing loans to enterprises
□ storage of reserves of commercial banks
28. Monetary policy is "expensive money" means:
A) an increase in the rate of inflation b) the appreciation of the national currency) increase in bank interest
29. Which of the following applies to the mandatory characteristics of finance:
A) always have a monetary form
B) arise only between entities
B) involve two-way traffic of money
30. The fiscal function of taxes reflected in the fact that they:
A) hinder economic growth B) allow you to control household incomes) provide budget revenues
31. The excess of expenses over revenues of the state budget deficit is called ...
32. Which of the following helps to reduce the level of income inequality (2 or more correct answers):
□ progressive taxes
□ regressive taxes
□ low interest rates
□ compensation for low-income citizens
33. Which of the following phenomena cause cost inflation (2 or more correct answers):

34. From the point of view of mercantilism to increase the wealth of the country must be:

35. Which of these persons is the author of the "iron law of wages":

36. What is the direction of economic theory criticized big capitalist production:

37. The doctrine of the socio-economic structure has developed:

38. The theory of marginal utility states that the price of goods is determined by:

39. Kardinalisty argued that the utility of the goods can be measured:

40. The representative of institutionalism was:

41. James. M. Keynes argued that an increase in aggregate demand, the government should:

42. Which of the schools included in the neoclassical theory (2 or more correct answers):

43. What is the economic theory was popular in Russia in the early XVII century:

44. Representatives of legal Marxism in Russia were (2 or more correct answers)

45. Who among Russian economists studied the problem of the farm:


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