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Контрольная по английскому. Вариант 4

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Описание товара

Text 1
Read the article about an old house in Guildford. Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space (1–8).
We live in a small, old house in Guildford. It has two (1) __, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen – and there’s a bathroom, of course! In the living room there are two blue (2) __ and a red sofa. We also have a television, a video, and a (3) __. On the wall there are two (4) __. In the evenings we sit in the living room and watch television or listen to music. In the dining room there is a (5) __ and four chairs. There are always flowers on the table. The kitchen is new: there is a (6) __, a fridge, and a table. We have breakfast in the kitchen, but we have lunch and dinner in the (7) __. We have a beautiful (8) __. There are a lot of flowers and two trees. Our cats like playing in the garden. We are very happy in our house.
1 A bedrooms B kitchens C roofs
2 A showers B armchairs C porches
3 A fridge B washbasin C CD player
4 A pictures B curtains C towels
5 A cooker B table C bath
6 A shower B cooker C wardrobe
7 A bedroom B attic C dining room
8 A garden B garage C cupboard

Text 2
Read the information leaflet about the Internet, and match the questions (A–F) to the numbered spaces (1–5), as in the example (0). Then, explain the words in bold.
Internet is without doubt one of the most important inventions in history. It was started in 1968 by the US government, but at first it was used mainly by scientists. Since 1990, when the World Wide Web was created, it has changed the world, and its uses are growing every day.
The Internet is a network (several networks, in fact) of millions of computers around the world, connected by phone lines, satellite or cable, so that all the computers on the net can exchange information with each other.
Not quite. The Internet links computers, and the World Wide Web is a system which links the information stored inside these computers.
A company or organisation stores its information in electronic documents on one of the Internet computers, somewhere in the world. This computer space – the company´s web site – has an address, in the same way that every telephone has a number. To visit a web site, you simply enter the address. Your computer is connected to the web site, a document is downloaded, and a page appears on your computer screen.
When you visit a web site looking for information, some words on the page may be underlined, showing that there is more information about the subject in another document. If you click on one of these words, the Web automatically connects your computer to a new document or web site, even if this is stored thousands of kilometres away. You´re surfing the net!
The main use of the Internet is to find information – for your schoolwork or job, or just to find out more about your hobbies, sports or current events. You can also use the Internet to read newspapers and magazines, play games, plan your holiday or buy things from your favourite shop. E-mail makes it possible to send electronic messages anywhere in the world in seconds, and you can use the Internet to ´chat´ with people and make new friends.
If you don´t already use the Internet, all you need to get started is a computer, a modem and a phone line. Using the Internet is getting cheaper and easier all the time.
Are you ready to surf the net? There´s a whole exciting Internet world out there waiting for you!

A What exactly is the Internet?
B What do I need in order to use the Internet?
C How do I "surf the net"?
D That´s the same thing as the Web, isn´t it?
E What can I use the Internet for?
F What is a web site, and how do I visit one?

Дополнительная информация

Choose the correct item.
1 Where do you ______?
A work B job C career
2 In a ______, computers will be even more advanced.
A decade B soreC shook
3 This game is ______ automatically.
A downloaded B version C surf
4 I think my father ______ drive me to the bus station.
A will B is C has
5 I have been ______ letters all morning.
A writing B written C write
6 Carol ______ me what happened yesterday.
A said B told C tells
7 Let’s go to the park before it ______ dark!
A gets B will get C got
8 Had she ______ the laundry?
A do B done C doing
9 Canada is ______ colder than Greece.
A most B more C much
10 Tom’s cat died. He ______ be very sad.
A can B can’t C must

Translate the sentences from English into Russian.
1 There is nothing worse than people playing with their hair, clicking pen tops or tapping feet.
2 You should define what way you follow in your career and what you want as a result.
3 The nonverbal message can speak louder than the verbal message you´re sending.
4 Nowadays you should have an interview before getting a job.
5 It’s not so easy as you think.
6 We offer a position which is difficult, requiring lots of skill and hard work, but which is never boring.
7 The first time he himself earned any money was by dancing and singing when he was only five years old.
8 There are scores of online games available on the Web which can be enjoyed by anyone with a browser and the necessary plugins.
9 There are a lot of graphical games on the web.
10 The number of strategy games is constantly increasing.

Read the topic sentences in the box below which introduce the main topic, introduce points for, introduce points against, and sum up the topic. Then write a for-and-against essay entitled "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers in the Workplace" (80–120 words).


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