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* - некоторые предложения предполагают два правильных ответа
1. My cousin is … bank manager.
a a b an c the d any
2. I write… books.
a the b a c - d some
3. Is this laptop … ?
a yours b your c you d -
4. Is Caroline … ?
a a friend of hers b her friend c hers friend d friend of hers
5. …is your mobile phone number?
a How b What c Which d Where
6. Who are …people over there?
a these b those c that d this
7. There are not …for every delegation.
a enough rooms b enough of rooms c rooms enough d rooms of enough
8. You are … young to be here. Who let you in here?
a too b enough c too much d very
9. It’s a Saturday evening. What’s the matter with you? Go have … fun.
a a b an c the d some
10. It is … weather, isn’t it?
a awful b an awful c a awful d the awful
11. My brother’s job is … that my uncle’s job because my brother is a surgeon.
a responsible b more responsible c the more responsible d reponsibler
12. If you work … this time, you will definitely pass the exam.
a harder b more harder c much harder d more hard
13. What is …memory about being at school?
a the most unpleasant b most pleasant c unpleasantest d the unpleasant
14. You … smoke in here. It is prohibited.
a can’t b mustn’t c shouldn’t d won’t
15. It … never happen again. I promise.
a must b will c shall d may
16. My boss told me to take a day off. I … work tomorrow.
a can’t b may not c don’t have to d mustn’t
17. …you help me, please?
a Will b Could c Might d Should
18. Well, I don’t know. You … talk to him about that. I’m sure he’ll understand.
a have to b can c should d ought to
19. It’s a joke, right. You … be joking.
a can b should c will d must
20. … I open the window? It’s very stuffy in here.
a Shall b Can c Must d Should
21. … you like some coffee?
a Could b Would c Should d May
22. Why did Mr. Dawson take a day off? I don’t know. He … be sick.
a should b may c can d might
23. You … come in here with animals.
a won’t b can’t c shouldn’t d couldn’t
24. Who … the radio?
a turn off b turned off c did turn off d did turned off
25. How … does this brand new BMW cost?
a many b long c often d much
26. How …does it take you to get to work?
a often b long c many d much
27. … a book on the table. Read it when you come home.
a There are b There is c There’s d It’s
28. The order will be delivered …two months.
a at b in c on d by
29. I know that they arrived …Wednesday morning.
a on b in c at d during
30. Do you work till 6 pm … every Monday?
a on b at c in d -
31. … next week I am going to New York on a business trip.
a in b at c - d on
32. He can’t talk to you …the moment. He is having a meeting.
a at b in c on d -
33. How many brothers …?
a do you has b have you got c do you have d are you having
34. … is a good shop at the end of the street.
a This b Their c There d That


Additional information

1. Ознакомьтесь с содержанием статьи и отметьте каждое словосочетание цифрой места, где оно подходит по смыслу.
a easily exceeding d after ignition
b improve the standard e runs out
c time to escape f hit a peak
Fire tests spark safety fears







35 (a)
The doors are usually tested using a me-thod laid down by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization in Ge-neva. A section of the door is put in a furnace and the temperature gradually increased until it fails. Different types of fire door can then be categorised according to the time they take to fail.
Daniel Joyeux, a fire researcher at the In-dustrial Technical Centre of Steel Con-struction, took a fire door consisting of a wooden filling sandwiched between two steel sheets, which had an ISO rating of 60 minutes. He used ISO´s method to test the door and found it survived for 70 minutes – (1) … the ISO rating.
Joyeux then recreated a typical hotel fire to test how effective the fire steel door would be in a real blaze. The fire steel door also had an ISO rating of 1 hour and led to a room built to represent a hotel bedroom. The researchers started the fire next to a bed. For more than 10 minutes the fire smouldered before flaring up. Then the temperature took off and (2) … of about 900C less than 20 minutes after ignition. He found that the outer steel sheeting buckled and the door failed in less than 20 minutes. Joyeux points out that this peak roughly coincided with the buckling of the steel plate. After hitting this peak, the temperature of a real fire begins to drop as it (3) … of fuel and oxy-gen.
The reason for the different results is that 40







75 the ISO test is highly artificial. The ISO fire rating doesn´t represent what happens in a real fire, he says. First, it doesn´t re-flect the door´s performance in a real fire because only part of the door is tested and, second, the temperature of the ISO standard fire increases gradually, reaching a peak around an hour (4) … . Real fires often get hotter much more quickly.
This disparity could mean people grossly overestimate how long they have to es-cape a fire. "The whole point of fire doors is that they give people (5) …," says Peter Bressington of Arup Fire International in London. He states that wood is a better choice for fire doors in hotels than steel, because it costs less, is lighter, needs less maintenance and its fire performance is well understood.
The results raise severe doubts about the reliability of the international standard for testing fire doors. "This is a debate that is going on," says Galea, director of fire safety engineering at the University of Greenwich in London. "But what you hope for from the furnace tests is an as-sessment that errs on the pessimistic side, rather than one that is optimistic."
ISO acknowledges that its testing method is in need of a complete overhaul and says it is working out how to (6) … . "We want to make the test more realistic," says Peter Jackman, who chairs the working group revising the standard.
Journal reference: Fire Safety Journal (vol 32, p605)
Mick Hamer

2. Сопоставьте предложенные заголовки с параграфами статьи, содержание которых они (заголовки) отражают. Один из предложенных заголовков лишний.
1. The results indicate the ISO fire testing needs to be improved.
2. Wooden fire doors give people more time to escape than steel ones.
3. The ISO testing method is applicable for all fire doors.
4. An experiment shows that a fire door fails in one third of the time noted by ISO.
5. ISO fire simulation lacks some conditions of a real fire.
6. ISO will reevaluate its rating because of a fire researcher’s results.


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