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Task number 1

Question №1. Complete the following sentence. The determinant ... if its swap line with the corresponding columns.
1) does not change
2) is reset
3) changes sign
Question №2. Complete the sentence. Matrix used by mathematicians for .....
1) shorthand systems of equations
2) to solve logic problems
3) to perform a comparison operation
Question №3. Complete the sentence. Determinant with two identical rows and columns is ....
1) zero
2) unity
3) 100
Question №4. As can be designated determinant of A?
1) A or 
2) det A or DA
3) any of the above methods
Question №5. Complete the sentence. If the elements of any row (or column) of the determinant add the corresponding elements of another row (or column) multiplied by the same number, the determinant ....
1) does not change its value
2) increase by this number
3) decrease this number
Question №6. What is the determinant of the product of matrices A and B, if detA = 3 and detB = 4?
1) 1
2) 7
3) 12
Question №7. Which of the following statements with respect to the matrix A is false (in error)?

1) The matrix is \u200b\u200bsymmetric
2) The determinant of the matrix A is equal to zero
3) The matrix is \u200b\u200bsquare
Question №8. Specify Minor matrix M2,3
1) 0
2) 2
3) 1
Question №9. Specify the cofactor matrix A2,3
1) 1
2) 5
3) -1
Question №10. What matrix can be folded?
1) having the same size
2) having the same number of rows
3) Only non-degenerate
Question №11. What size matrix obtained by multiplying the matrix A (3x5) in the matrix (5x5)?
1) 5x5
2) 3x5
3) 5x3
Question №12. Which of the matrix is \u200b\u200bthe identity?

Task number 2

Question №1. What happens when a symmetric matrix transpose it?
1) None
2) it turns in the opposite
3) changes its size
Question №2. Find a product of the matrices A and B

Answer 2
Question №3. Specify the transposed matrix C * if

Answer 3
Question №4. What word is missing in the definition? "If the determinant of a matrix is \u200b\u200bzero, then a matrix is \u200b\u200bcalled ...."
1) transpose
2) Zero
3) the degenerate
Question №5. In which case, the product of matrices A and B, the equality AB = BA?
1) If these matrices have the same size
2) If the matrix A is the number of columns equal to the number of rows of the matrix
3) If B = A-1
Question №6. In any case, for the product of square matrices A and B, having the same dimensions without the equality AB = BA?
1) B = A-1
2) If the matrix A - zero
3) In all these cases AB = BA
Question №7. Complete the sentence. The determinant is not equal to zero, then the inverse matrix .....
1) there is
2) is zero
3) is a unit
Question №8. What is the matrix inverse of the matrix A?

Answer 2
Question №9. What does it mean  = 0, i = 0 for the system?
1) The system has no solutions
2) The system has an infinite number of solutions
3) The system has a unique solution x i = 0
Question №10. What are the dimensions of the matrix system of equations?
1) 2x3
2) 3x3
3) 3x4
Question №11. How to find the solution of system of linear equations, matrix equation has the form AX = C, if we know the matrix A-1?
1) X = A 1 •
2) X = AC
3) X = CA
Question №12. Enter the formula Cramer.
2) X = CA
3) A = A-1 C 

Task number 3

Question №1. For a number of vectors can be determined by the sum rule of the polygon?
1) for any
2) 2
3) 3
Question №2. Complete the sentence. The three-dimensional basis vector can be called ....
1) any three linearly independent
2) any two linearly independent
3) Any 3
Question №3. Complete the sentence. To calculate the direction cosines


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