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1. As a general rule the founders and participants:
a) are responsible for the debts of the legal entity
b) are not liable for the debts of the legal entity
c) for failure of the property of a legal entity subsidiary (additional) liability may be imposed on the general partners (in full partnership) or owners of property agencies or state-owned enterprises

2. An enterprise as a legal person has the following features:
a) the existence of a separate property
b) is responsible for the obligations of all its assets
c) has no right to be a plaintiff in court
d) acting on their own economic circulation on its own behalf

3. Which legal forms constituent document is only the charter?
a) a limited liability company
b) general partnerships
b) unitary enterprises
d) limited partnerships

4. What legal form describes the situation: "along with participants carrying out on behalf of business and be responsible for its obligations with their property, there are one or more participants, associated with its activities, bearing the risk of losses within the amount of contributions and participates in the business "
a) JSC
b) Ltd.
c) Production Cooperative
d) a limited partnership

5. Specify the maximum share of the share capital that may be the nominal value of preferred shares issued by JSC? a) 5% b) 10% c) 25% d) 50%

6. JSC establish a reserve fund:
a) not less than 15% of the share capital
b) not less than 5% of the share capital
c) in any size, the minimum size of the reserve fund is unlimited

7. A preferred share with nominal value of 9,000 rubles., Dividend rate of 9% per annum costs 10,200 rubles. Is it advisable to buy it? Specify what the maximum price is worth paying for it today, if the average interest on deposits in banks of 8% per annum?
a) Yes, the highest price = ___ b) No, the maximum price = ________

8. A preferred share with a par value of 7,000 rubles., Dividend rate of 9% per annum acquired by the investor for 7420 rubles., 3 years later sold for 7300 rubles. To determine the final yield of the stock.
a) 7.95% b) in 8.43%) 9.03% d) 8.49%

9. Fixed assets include:
a) buildings
b) Vehicles
c) stocks
g) machinery and equipment
d) Securities
e) land
g) receivables

10. The cost of fixed assets at the beginning of the year - 35 mln. Rub., At the end of the year - 41 mln. Rub., Introduced a year of fixed assets in the amount of - 14 million. Rub., Dropped out for a year, plant and equipment amounting to - 8,000,000. rub. Calculate the rate of disposal of fixed assets.
a) 0.368 b) 0.211 in) 0.341) 0.229

11. The initial cost of the equipment 280 thousand. Rub., The useful life - 9 years are depreciated straight-line method. Determine the ratio of wear and tear after 5 years of operation (at the beginning of the seventh year).
a) 55.6% B) 75.0% B) 62.5%

12. Amortizatsiya- this:
a) compensation for natural depreciation b) the method of valuation of depreciation
c) the cost of maintaining fixed assets in working d) depreciation

13. The turnover ratio of current assets shows:
a) the amount of working capital is attributable to the ruble of products sold;
b) the amount of profit per 1 ruble of current assets;
c) the number of revolutions of working capital for the analyzed period.

14. The cost of fixed assets at beginning of year -240 000 000. Rub., At the end of the year -280,000,000. Rub., The cost of manufactured products for the year - 340 mln. Rubles. Calculate the capital intensity of production.
a) 0.706 b) 0.764 in) 0.824 g) 1,308

Additional information

15. Accrued depreciation of the car by units of production if its mileage for the period amounted to 6,000 km, the estimated mileage for the service life - 80 thous. Km, its cost - 420 thousand. Rub.
a) 31.5 thous. rub. b) 45tys. rub. c) 24 thousand. rub.

16. Calculate the rate of turnover of working capital (in turns) and to conclude that the change in the effective use of working capital in the enterprise:
Indicators of the previous year Fiscal year
Revenues from sales, mln. Rub. 312465
The cost of working capital at the beginning of the year, mln. Rub. 200280
The cost of working capital at the end of the year, mln. Rub. 280340
a) 1.11 1.37 turnover and turnover (improving utilization)
b) 1.56 1.66 turnover and turnover (improving utilization)
c) 0.9 turnover and turnover 0.73 (worsening of use)
d) the turnover of 0.64 and 0.6 turns (worsening of use)
d) 1.3 1.5 turnover and turnover (improving utilization)
e) 0.77 0.67 turnover and turnover (worsening of use)

17. Define the norm of circulating assets in stocks of finished products, if the average daily output in the selling prices of the enterprise 70 thousand. Rub., The average daily output of industrial sebestoimosti- 50 thousand. Rub., The length of the production cycle of manufacturing products-3.5 days, while necessary for the preparation and shipment of products - 2.5 days:
a) 175 thous. rubles. b) 245 thousand. rub. c) 125 thousand. rub.

18. The value of inventories at the beginning of the year 150 million. Rub., At the end of the year - 190 million. Rubles. Revenue from sales for the year - 510 million. Rub., The cost of sales - 425 million. Rubles. Calculate the duration of the inventory turnover in the reporting period. How can you evaluate the changes in inventory management businesses, the revenue from sales in the previous year amounted to 450 million. Rub., The cost of sales 336 million. Rub., The average value of stocks - 120 mln. Rub. (To calculate the year of 360 calendar days)
19. Calculate the earnings of workers in the 5th grade direct piecework pay if he produced 710 articles (the rate of 10 minutes for the item, the hourly wage rate of the working-pieceworker 5 category - 180 rubles.)
20. Calculate the planned number of workers, piece workers, if the number of working days in the year 254, the number of sick days for good reasons - 30, the duration of shift 8:00 coefficient of performance of norms 1.2. Annual production plan - 55,000 items, the time allowed 0.7 hours.
21. Which of the following expenses related to conditional permanent?
22. The annual sales volume of 80,000 units at the price of 2500 rubles. for the product. Costs characterized
the following data: the variable costs of production capacity -96 000 thous., fixed costs - 53950 TR
Identify the critical volume of production (break-even point) in units of sales:
23.K indirect taxes apply
24. The cost of inventories of finished products in stock at beginning of period 50 million. Rub., At the end - 70 mln. Rub .; WIP balances, beginning of period 20 million. rub., at the end of - 15 million. rub.,; value of the issued commodity (finished) products for the period - 110 mln. rubles .. To determine the cost of goods sold:
25. What is the maximum production plan for the year, you can bring the shop, if you know that: in the shop working 50 machines; two-shift operation; length of shifts - 8 am .; the number of working days in the year -250; regulated downtime for repair is 5% of the nominal time fund; time allowed for processing of products - 0.5 h
26.Proizvodstvennaya the cost price does not include:
27. According to the balance at the end of the year to calculate the current ratio, compared with the recommended values, to assess:
I Non-current assets -20,000,000. Rub., II Current assets -18 million. The total assets (total balance sheet) - 38 million rubles., III Capital and reserves (equity) -25,000,000. Rub


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