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Task 1.
Determine the style and type of speech.
But how to grasp the mystery of the person of the poet in his works? What should be done to this in the study of his works? Explore the poet - it means not only to learn, through enhanced and repeatable read, with his works, but also perechuvstvovat, experience them. Every true poet, at whatever stage of artistic merit or standing, let alone any great poet ever invented nothing, but clothed in vivid colors and forms of universal. And because in the creation of why people admire them, always finding something long familiar to them, something their own, that they themselves felt, or only dimly and vaguely premonitions or what to think, but what they could not give a clear image of what is not could find the words, and that, consequently, only a poet could express. The higher the poet, that is, the content of his poetry obschechelovechestvennee, the easier it is creating, so that the reader wonders how he himself did not come to mind to create something like this, it's simple and easy!
• conversational style; narrative
• journalistic style; reasoning
• scientific style; reasoning
• artistic style; narrative

Task 2.
The scientific style are following substyles ...
• proper scientific, scientific-technical, scientific-educational and scientific-popular
• proper scientific, diplomatic, political and propaganda
• proper scientific, legal process and stationery
• proper research, science fiction and jurisdictional

Task 3.
1) the use of figurative means;
2) the use of nouns in the genitive case as inconsistent definitions (CIS countries, the employment service);
3) the use of vocabulary, indicating the concept of morality, ethics, economics, medicine, psychology;
4) a combination of emotional language by means of strict logical conclusiveness.
These features are characteristic of the style of _________.
• Conversational
• Research
• Art
• publicist

Task 4.
Official business color idiom is ...
• assign responsibility
• Cold War
• perk
• relevance of the topic

Task 5.
- So, - he said again uncle - conductor means. On the tram line?
- The conductor ...
- Tell me what the occasion! And I, Sergei, each Sitno, sat in the tram, I look - what is it? Oblichnost if the conductor is too familiar. And it's you. Oh, your seven to eight! .. Well, I'm glad ... Well, I'm happy ...
The guard hesitated in place and suddenly said:
- Paying Uncle need. A ticket to take ... How far is it to you?
Uncle happily laughed and slapped the conductor's bag.
- I would pay! Honestly! I sit down to another room, or maybe miss the train - and that's - would pay. I cried to my money. Oh, your seven to eight! And I go, Sergei, each Sitno to the train station.
Highlighted words are ...
• general use
• neologisms
• dialectal
• Conversational

Task 6.
I like ordinary words,
Like undiscovered country.
DS Samoilov
The proposal uses ...
• Default
• Metaphor
• comparison
• metonymy

Task 7.
Assumptions in communication blunder, which immediately makes further communication deliberately inefficient called communicative (th) ...
• balance
• Literacy
• suicide
• etiquette

Task 8.
In writing and editing text is not recommended ...
• Use a large number of terms and loan words
• pay attention to the compatibility of words and phraseology
• Avoid ambiguity in the use of ambiguous words
• specify the value of dictionary of loan words, neologisms, paronyms

Task 9.
Analysis of the arguments of the enemy, as really occurred, and those that may come to mind is contained in ...
• appeal
• conclusion
• denial
• proof

Additional information

Task 10.
Meanwhile, the company presents a picture of the most entertaining. Education and the need to pull together to have fun all the states. Wealth, courtesy, fame, talent, most strange, all that serve food to curiosity or promised pleasure was made with the same favor. Literature, scholarship and philosophy left his office and quiet were among the great world pleasing fashion, controlling her ideas. Women reigned, but did not demand adoration. Surface courtesy replaced deep reverence. Leprosy of the Duke of Richelieu, the Alcibiades of Athens the latest, belongs to history and give an idea about the customs of this time.
In a passage from the novel by AS Pushkin's "Negro of Peter the Great" is implemented _______ syntactic relations in the text of the proposals.

• Connection
• Parallel
• Chain
• speed

Task 11.
Wrong is a variant record (in parentheses are the names in Im.p.) ...
The application submitted by ...
• Antonina Venda (Venda)
• Konstantin Zhivago (Zhivago)
• Oleg Mitskevich (Mickiewicz)
• Natalia Sedykh (Grizzly)

Task 12.
The group of "Business correspondence" includes ...
• protocol (full)
• Offer
• extract from the minutes
• Reminder

Task 13.
The highlighted word is spelled with a lowercase letter in a series of ...
• (m / m) oskovsky station in St. Petersburg
• (m / m) oskovskaya area
• Street (M / m) oskovskaya
• All (m / m) oskovskie streets in festive lights illuminated.

Task 14.
To create an advertising slogan used ...
Line clean taste (advertisement juice).
• Metaphor
• anaphora
• hyperbole
• Graduation

Task 15.
Not accepted to ask during the interview question
• What is your religion?
• What are your main strengths?
• What are your interests outside of work?
• What is your experience?

Task 16.
If you disagree with someone uses certain etiquette formulas. Familiarity hue inherent phrase ...
• I'm afraid that's not quite true.
• Excuse me, but can not accept your conditions.
• Let me disagree with you.
• Honey, I can not agree with you.

Task 17.
Under the right speech understanding ...
• Knowledge in the Literary Standards
• effect on the emotions and feelings of the audience
• matching words and expressions to communicate the goals and terms
• the use of words in accordance with their lexical meaning

Task 18.
By pronouncing dictionary should refer to select the correct version of a series of words ...
• Obstetrician - obstetrician
• vent - tearing
• Shake - shake
• grim - fun

Task 19.
The accent falls on the second syllable in all the words of a number of ...
• Mills, a whisper, a whacky
• taboo, beet, pamper
• Cakes, Roma, inform
• tog, who died, the expert

Task 20.
Return target pronunciation of words both Necktie, pate in a row ...
• Galstena [CHN] first, ASPnet [te] t
• Galstena [SHN] first, ASPnet [t'e] t
• Galstena [SHN] first, ASPnet [te] t
• Galstena [CHN] first, ASPnet [t'e] t

Task 21.
Lexical Collocations in combination is not broken ...
Specify at least two answers
• years of flying
• hasty message
• Do not closing his eyes
• functions assigned

Task 22.
Paronyms real - realistic eating correctly in sentences ...
Specify at least two answers
• Successfully Point of blue accessories help create expressive realistic image.
• Icon Ushakov, like many other of his works, marks an important stage in the development of a new more realistic art.
• However, based on other stories discern real events, real actions and feelings of his contemporaries.
• builders possessed a realistic mode control technique of mountain glaciers.

Task 23.
Coloring book has phraseologism ...
• empty-handed
• with a twinkle
• finally
• Buridan donkey

Task 24.
Violation of morphological rules w


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