The test on the economic evaluation of investments

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1. What are the investments?
a) the investment of funds, with a view to profit;
b) the investment of capital in all its forms in order to profit, as well as achieve other economic and non-economic effects;
c) the investment of fixed assets, for profit or any other economic benefits.

2. What kind of investments are highly liquid?
a) investment, which have a period of transformation in the form of money, without loss of market value, less than 1 month;
b) investments which have a period of transformation in the form of money, without any loss of the market value of less than 6 months;
c) investments that have a period of transformation in the form of money, without the loss of market value, less than 1 year;

3. What are the intangible investments?
a) investments in stocks and bonds;
b) investment in land acquisition;
c) investments in research, license, acquisition of the property.

4. What are the investment Renovating?
a) the total amount of capital invested in the reproduction of working capital and intangible assets in a particular period;
b) the amount of capital invested in the expanded reproduction of working capital and intangible assets;
c) the amount of capital invested in the mere reproduction of current assets and intangible assets.

5. What do you call an investment, in which the capital investment is made in assets other businesses?
a) domestic;
b) external;
c) mixed.

6. The investor - is:
7. Investing in stocks, bonds and other securities in order to obtain as additional income and an opportunity to participate in the management of the enterprise is called?
8. Who in the initial stage, as a rule, belong to the ownership and disposition?
9. Which of the following refers to the rights and obligations of the creditor?
10. High-yield investment - is:
11. The recipient may not be:
12. Management of investment activity includes:
13. What of the above refers to the rights and obligations of the investor?
14. What makes a motivational unit in the scheme of the structural components of the investment mechanism?
15. Investment mechanism - is:
16. With the help of, any leverage the state can influence the investment activity?
17. To what funding include grants and subsidies?
18.Chto a profitability index?
19. As referred to investment companies that carry out the implementation of high-risk projects?
20. What is the type of investment that is directly related to the dynamics of the volume of net income and is aimed at consumption and saving:
21. What are the sources of investment funds allocated for non-repayable basis parent organizations?
22. The budget effect - are:
23. In any case, the project should take?
24. As a consequence of the methods of the method of calculating net present effect?
25. Diflirovanie - is:
26. When inflation uneven least advantageous for the project is the situation:
27. Inflation is said to be uniform if:
28. The lending interest rate adjusted for inflation, is called:
29. What will be the value of the effective interest rate in relation to par, if payment of interest occurs at an annual nominal rate of 1 per end of the period?
30. The exchange rate - it's ...

Additional information

31. What properties are derived from the definition of the price index?
a) additive and transitive;
b) reversibility and additive;
c) transitivity and reversibility.

32. What characterizes the index of domestic inflation?
a) the discrepancy between the index of exchange rate changes Price Indexes;
b) the disparity index of exchange rate changes and foreign general index of inflation;
c) changes in the exchange rate.

33. What is the risk of the investment project?
a) the possibility of conditions that lead to negative consequences for all or certain portions of the project;
b) the uncertainty influence the result of the implementation of the investment project;
c) the economic characteristics that are not measurable.

34. The prices used to calculate the general indicators of efficiency, if the costs and results expressed in the forward prices are called:
a) base;
b) world;
c) deflated.

35. Which of these indicators is the indicator of net present value?
a) relative;
b) absolute;
c) unknown.

36. What characterizes indicators Payback?
a) during the period, which will pay off the investment costs;
b) the period for which will pay the operating costs;
c) the period during which the financial costs will be repaid.

37. Criteria for portfolio growth is?
a) maximization of capital growth over the long term;
b) minimization of the rate of capital gains in the long term;
c) maximizing the rate of capital gains in the short term.

38. On what parameter optimization of financial portfolio does not pass?
a) intensification;
b) covariance;
c) diversification.

39. Speculative financial investment is characterized by:
a) investments in the most risky financial projects with the highest potential income;
b) investments in risky financial projects with the highest potential income;
c) investments in the least risky financial projects with the highest potential income;

40. What is the "investment in equity instruments"?
a) the investment of funds in the assets of the company, in the form of deposits and loans;
b) investing in different types of securities in stocks and bonds;
c) Investments in authorized capitals of other companies.

41. The process of inclusion in the financial portfolio of new financial instruments to reduce its risk is called:
a) identification;
b) diversification;
c) covariance.

42. Capital distribution between different types of financial investments, called:
a) the financial transaction
b) security;
c) a financial portfolio.

43. What you need to know to calculate the profitability of the financial portfolio?
44. Who is not subject to lease?
45. What is the interest rate risk?
46. \u200b\u200bStatistical indicators by which the measure is determined by the similarity or difference of two variables studied in their dynamics, the amount of fluctuations in the values \u200b\u200band direction of change over time is called:
47. What kind of financial transaction called risky?
48. What is the lease payments?
49. Who bears the risk of accidental damage, loss of the leased property?
50. What is the object of the lease?
51. The criterion of income is building a portfolio?
52. The formula for calculating the lease payments is as follows:
53. The financial effect (net income or gains) from re¬alizatsii investment project using the lease is calculated by the formula:
54. The use of leasing effectively if:
55. What is the level of risk of the financial portfolio?
56. What is the criterion for the formation of a conservative financial portfolio?
57. Financial investments - is:
58. What can be made financial investments?
59. Who is not party to a financial project?
60. Who are the developer of the project finance:


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