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1. The author of "The Myth of the Birth of a Hero":

a) Aeschylus;
b) Homer;
c) Freud;
g) O. Rank;
d) Erich Fromm.

2. The main varieties of idealism:
a) objective and subjective;
b) the objective and relative;
c) the objective and absolute;
d) the relative and subjective;
d) the subjective and absolute.
3. It is not a method of philosophy:
a) sensationalism;
b) irrationalism;
c) historical;
d) a theological;
d) paydeytichesky.
4. One of the authors of the idea of \u200b\u200bglobal modeling:
a) Toynbee;
b) A. Peccei;
c) Aron;
d) Foucault;
e) Benjamin Franklin.
5. L. Wittgenstein establishes a "cult":
a) a "strong hand";
b) "ordinary language";
c) "vneobychnogo gift";
d) "ordinary consciousness";
d) "vneobydennogo consciousness."
6 syllogism - is:
a) the judgment;
b) inference;
c) concept;
g) appearance;
d) representation.
7. Work H. Gadamer:
a) "The relevance of the ideal";
b) "The relevance of religion";
c) "The relevance of beauty";
d) "The relevance of metaphysics";
d) "The relevance of the interpretation."
8. pure, devoid of matter the form - Prime Mover, who is the source of life and movement of the entire cosmos, considered the highest essence:
a) Gorgias;
b) Plato;
c) Antisthenes;
d) Protagoras;
d) Aristotle.
9. Written expression: "History begins only when a person brings something new, unusual system behavior, helping to change the culture":
a) Sorokin;
b) NM Kareev;
c) N. Rozov;
d) Toynbee;
d) Jaspers.
10. The work of Francis Fukuyama:
a) "The beginning of religion?";
b) "The end of religion?";
c) "The Decline of the story?";
d) "The End of History?";
d) "Beginning?".
11. The author of the doctrine of the coincidence of the absolute maximum and the absolute minimum:
a) Ibn Sina;
b) L. Valla;
c) Ibn Rushd;
d) Copernicus;
d) N. Cusa;
12. The first report of the Club of Rome was published in:

a) 1902;
b) 1892;
c) 1962;
d) 1972;
d) 1982.

13. The doctrine of the two types of signaling systems developed:

a) Ivanov;
b) Freud;
c) John Locke;
d) Piaget;
d) Pavlov.

14. Written expression: "I am ashamed, therefore I exist, not only physically exist, but morally - I am ashamed of his animality, therefore I am still exists as a man":

a) Socrates;
b) Protagoras;
c) Descartes;
d) VS Solovyov;
e) NY Danilevsky.

15. Written expression: "... an Islamic society, which appeared in the Arab area, has a certain resemblance to orthodox Christianity":
a) Jaspers;
b) Toynbee;
c) Immanuel Wallerstein;
d) A. Ignatov;
d) M. Bunge.
16. The structure of the human psyche, as Freud, three layers:
a) "It", "I", "you";
b) "It", "I", "non-self";
c) "It", "She", "he";
g) "It", "I", "super-ego";
d) "Non-I", "I", "superego."
17. Which work saying: "The World is a city: cosmopolitanism instead of" fatherland "..." society "instead of the State":
a) "Culture and Ethics";
b) "To Have or to Be?";
c) "On the essence of culture";
d) "Decline of the West";
d) "The Clash of Civilizations?".
18. The ontology - the doctrine of:
a) knowledge;
b) knowledge;
c) the existence;
d) love;
d) friendship.
19. T. Kuhn, "loosening" paradigm begins with:
a) the "brain drain";
b) The "price fall";
c) "the emergence of problems";

Additional information

23. Written expression: "A society in decline, tends to push the day and hour of his death, directing all his vital energy on material projects a gigantic scale":
a) Hegel;
b) Marx;
c) Toynbee;
d) Georg Simmel;
d) Spengler.
24. The author of the expression: "The civilized man turned inward energy, in the civilized outside":

a) Hegel;
b) Marx;
c) Toynbee;
d) Georg Simmel;
d) Spengler.

25. By the expression "mind must constantly criticize yourself":
a) Kant;
b) J. Fichte;
c) F. Schelling;
d) Hegel;
d) Feuerbach.


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