8 заданий по английскому

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Контрольная работа 1 курс.
Выполнять в отдельной тонкой тетради, принести на первое занятие по английскому языку в летнюю сессию.
1. Образуйте от следующих существительных формы множественного числа:
a friend - a gentleman –
a woman –a city −
a class – a tooth –
a house –a person –
a foot –an elephant –

2. Раскройте правильно скобки, используя нужную степень прилагательного:
1.Ben Nevis is (high) mountain in Scotland.
2.He is (young) than his brother.
3.February is (short) than March.
4.My (old) sister is a teacher.
5.He is (good) man in the world.
6.Moscow is (large) than Kostroma.
7.It is (happy) day in my life.
8.In December the weather is very (cold)

3. Переведите предложения на русский язык, задайте к ним все возможные вопросы (общий, вопрос к подлежащему, специальные вопросы).
1.He sings songs very well.
2.They play golf every day.
3. Her friends live in Great Britain.

4. Поставьте следующие предложения во множественное число, произведя необходимые замены.
1.There is a cat in the room.
2.There is a deer in the zoo.
3.There is a fireman in the house.

5. Вставьте в пропуски have got или has got, перепишите получившиеся предложения и переведите их на русский язык:
1.I … a sister.
2.You ... a house in the country.
3.Her brother … a flat in New York.
4.Mary ... many friends.

6. Переведите письменно следующий диалог на русский язык:
- What are the most popular games in Britain today?
- Well, I suppose football that is soccer, and cricket.
- Are there any other outdoor games?
- Oh there is tennis, golf, baseball and so on. Tennis is played all year round – on hard courts or grass courts in summer and on hard or covered courts in winter.
- What about horse racing?
- Oh, it’s one of the most popular sports in Great Britain. Then there are, of course, walking races, running, swimming, boat races and boxing.
- I know that there are no winter sports in England. Is that true?
- Well, you see, the English winter isn’t very severe as a rule, and we don’t often have the chance of skiing, skating or tobogganing, but winter is the great time for hunting.
- What about indoor games?
- Well, there is table tennis, chess, billiards and so on. By the way, do you play chess?
-Well, I do, but I’m not a professional, just an ordinary amateur.

7. Переведите следующий текст на русский язык:
Dear friend,
I want to tell you about my typical working day. Now I am a student and I am proud of this fact. I get up early, at 7 o’clock. I have a shower, dress, have breakfast and go to the university on foot. I live not far from my university. It takes me 15 minutes to get there. My classes begin at 8.30 a.m. and finish at 3 p.m. I come home from the university at 4 o clock. On the way home I often go to the library and take necessary books. When I come home I have dinner, watch TV and phone my friends. In the evening I often play computer games or go to the cinema with my boy-friend. During my holidays I am going to visit your town and we can meet.
I hope to hear from you soon.

8.Ответьте на вопросы по содержанию текста по-английски:
1.When does Irene get up?
2.How long does it take her to get to the university?
3.When does she come home?
4.What does she do in the evening?


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