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Вариант № 1
I. Заполните пропуск. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
Задание № 1
The right to _________ has been described as a basic human right.
b)graduate courses
c)compulsory education
d)general knowledge
Задание № 2
Could you ________ samples of the skins?
Задание № 3
Thermodynamics is a branch of natural science concerned with ______ and its relation to energy and work.
Задание № 4
A substance that contains only one kind of atom is a (an) …
Задание № 5
I can’t _______ that terrible noise any longer.
Задание № 6
Our English teacher _______ accent is clearly Scottish comes from Glasgow.
Задание № 7
The younger you are __________ it is to learn.
a)more easier
b)the easiest
d)the easier
Задание № 8
The rent is 50 dollars ________ week.
Задание № 9
Please buy some fruit _______ the way home.
Задание № 10
Always keep your goals in mind ______ you start a new activity.
a)as long as
Задание № 11
As soon as I _______ reading the article, I will give it to you.
a)would finish
b)will finish
d)shall finish
Задание № 12
He is known __________ much attention to his work.
c)to pay
d)having paid
Задание № 13
My English isn’t very good but it’s enough to …
a)get on.
b)get by.
c)get along.
d)get ahead.
Задание № 14
Little children like books with large print. They ________ read them more easily.
b)have to

II. Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
Задание № 15
Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
Mary: «I’m afraid I’ve been keeping that book of yours too long».
Susan: «_____________»
a)It’s quite all right.
b)Here you are.
c)Could you give me my book?
d)Please accept my apologies.
Задание № 16
Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
Receptionist: «________________».
Guest: «I’d like a single room for one night».
a)What is your name, please?
b)How long are you going to stay in the hotel?
c)Good morning, sir. I’m at your service.
d)What do you want, sir?
Задание № 17
Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
Student: «Could you help me? »
Librarian: «_____________? »
a)Wait a little. Can you come later?
b)I´d be glad to. What is it?
d)Oh, I haven’t seen you for ages! Would you remind me of your last visit here?
Задание № 18
Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения
Usher: «_________________»
Customer: «Here it is».
a)Where is your ticket?
b)Do you have a ticket?
c)May I see your ticket?
d)I can’t see your ticket.

III. Заполните пропуск. Выберите правильный вариант ответа
Задание № 19
The present British Royal Family´s surname is …
Задание № 20
Statue of Liberty is situated in …
c)New Jersey
Задание № 21
Canada occupies a major portion of …
a)Central America
b)North America
d)South America
Задание № 22
An English astronomer, mathematician, and physicist best known for computing the orbit of the eponymous comet is …
a)Albert Einstein
b)James Watt
c)Francis Bacon
d)Edmond Halley

Additional information

IV. Прочитайте и переведите на русский язык текст. Выполните задания после текста.
1. Gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their mass. In everyday life, gravitation is most familiar as the agent that gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped. Gravitation causes dispersed matter to coalesce, and coalesced matter to remain intact, thus accounting for the existence of the Earth, the Sun, and most of the macroscopic objects in the universe.
2. Gravitation is responsible for keeping the Earth and the other planets in their orbits around the Sun; for keeping the Moon in its orbit around the Earth; for the formation of tides; for natural convection, by which fluid flow occurs under the influence of a density gradient and gravity; for heating the interiors of forming stars and planets to very high temperatures; and for various other phenomena observed on the Earth.
3. Gravitation is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature, along with electromagnetism, and the nuclear strong force and weak force. Modern physics describes gravitation using the general theory of relativity by Einstein, in which it is a consequence of the curvature of spacetime governing the motion of inertial objects. The simpler Newton´s law of universal gravitation provides an accurate approximation for most physical situations.
Задание № 23
Определите, какое утверждение соответствует содержанию текста.
Задание № 24
Ответьте на вопрос:
What determines the necessity of gravitation study by scientists?
Задание № 25
Завершите утверждение согласно содержанию текста.
For the Earth gravitation …
Задание № 26
Определите основную идею текста.
a)It is considered that without gravitation there would be no life on the
b)Due to gravitation various nature phenomena take place on the Earth.
c)Due to gravitation the Earth and the other planets are able to orbit
around the Sun.
d)Gravitation is a very important natural phenomenon affecting the life
of our universe.
Задание № 27
Расположите части делового письма в правильном порядке.
MrR. Morrison
P. Marlow & CO. LTD
21 Bird Street
London E1 6 TM
Dear MR Morrison,
67,Upper Thames Street,
London, EC 4 V 3AH
17 May 2009
Yours sincerely,
Unfortunately, we have not yet received the computers "OPTIMA
133" which were a part of this order. We would be grateful if you could deliver these as soon as possible or refund our money.
D. Barker
Задание № 28
Перед Вами конверт.
Соотнесите информацию под определенным номером на конверте с тем, что она обозначает.
(l)Abacus College
Threeways House
(2)George Street
Oxford OX1 2BJ
(3)United Kingdom
(4)Actilingua Gmbh
Gloriettegasse (5)8
A-1130 Wien

Задание № 29
Определите, к какому виду делового документа относится представленный ниже отрывок.
John Example 33, Prospect Ave, Hope Town, Bucks.HT5 29.03.1985 Single Work experience:
Jan 1997 to May 1997: Musical Cucumber, School Christmas Performance
July 1998 to Sept 1998: Helping Grandma in the garden
a)Inquiry Letter
b)Cover Letter
c)CV=Curriculum Vitrnd=Resume
d)Letter of Complaint
Задание № 30
Выберите слова или словосочетания для заполнения пропусков так, чтобы они отражали особенности оформления служебной записки:
To : (1) _______
From: (2) _______
(3) ____: 4 May 2000
Subject : (4) _______
Did Joseph Haney effectively simulate a deadly weapon and create a life-threatening environment, sufficient to satisfy the Arizona armed robbery statute, by thrusting his hand into a pocket and telling the store clerk that it was a "holdup" and to stay still if you want to live," when the victim was unsure whether Haney had such a weapon, when Haney used both hands to grab money from the cash register, and when the only objects found in Haney’s possession wer


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