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Вариант № 1.
(Выполняется студентами, фамилии которых начинаются
с букв А - Н).
Раздел 1.
Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises.
1.1.(5 points) Phonetics. Find in which line ‘G’ or ‘C’ has the same pronunciation in every word. Tick (√) the correct variant(s) in the boxes.
1: gem, gypsy, gent, gin, gene, gym
2: gem, give, guy, gel, get
3: cent, cell, cinder, cynic, cigar

1.2. (10 x 1 points) Supply the articles where necessary. Write your answers (a, an, the or ‘−’) in the boxes.
a)All our Buyers are satisfied with ___(1)___ capacity of ___(2)___ machine.
b)___(3)___ assembly shops of ___(4)___ new plant have ___(5)___ modern facilities to test and check ___(6)___ pumps thoroughly.
c)We enclose with ___(7)___ letter all ___(8)___ particulars concerning ___(9)___ technical characteristics of ___(10)___ model.

1.3. (10 x 1 points) Supply the prepositions where necessary. Write your answers in the boxes.
a)___(1)___ the order ___(2)___ that size we can give you a 2% discount ___(3)___ the value ___(4)___ the goods.
b)As the Seller was responsible ___(15)___ the defects which were found ___(16)___ the equipment, they had to correct them ___(17)___ their expense.
c)I know that the guarantee period is 12 months ___(18)___ the date ___(19)___ putting the pumps ___(20)___ operation.

1.4. (10 x 1 points) Supply the correct tense and voice. Write your answers in the boxes.
a)She ___(1)___ (to wait) for the manager. She ___(2)___ (to wait) for him since she came to the office.
b)It ___(3)___ (happen) some years ago.
c)Before he ___(4)___ (to go) there last Monday he ___(5)___ (to discuss) some business matters with his director and ___(6)___ (to get) necessary instruction from him.
d)It ___(7)___ (to introduce) into the market at the beginning of the year and since then it ___(8)___ (to be) a great success.
e)– Your company ___(9)___ (to do) good business?
– Yes, they ___(10)___ (to discuss) two days ago.

1.5. (5 x 1 points) Use the correct forms of Complex Object/Complex Subject. Write your answers in the boxes.
1.I’d like ___(1)___ (he, to change) the contract terms.
2.I expected ___(2)___ (they, to introduce) changes into the computers.
3.I saw ___(3)___ (Mr. Dunn, to buy) some envelopes at the post office ten minutes ago.
4.When do you want ___(4)___ (the new machines, to show) in operation.
5.What contract terms do the Buyers usually want ___(5)___ (the selling companies, to offer)?

1.6. (5 x 2 points) In the sentences below, identify the one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect. Write your answers (letters A, B, C or D) in the boxes and make the corrections.
1.Whether or not a person is right for the job depend not only on how much experience he has, but also on the special skills and talents that he brings to the job.
2.They decided on a previously unproven strategy, which they realized was risky very but worth a try.
3.By the 1980s, it was becoming more acceptable to women to work in management.
4.The tourist was unable to sleep because of the noisy outside her hotel room.
5.Most small business owners are required to file their taxes quarterely.

1.7.(5 х 2 points) Translate into English.
2.Я бы хотел подчеркнуть, что это наш пробный заказ в вашей фирме, и если мы будем удовлетворены нашей сделкой, вы можете надеяться на наш повторный заказ.
3.Наша фирма экспортирует электрооборудование различн
4.Товар был поставлен не вовремя, так как у фирмы было слишком много заказов.
5.Честно говоря, вы назначили очень высокую цену.
6.Условия платежа устраивали нас, и мы согласились провести платеж по аккредитиву против отгрузочных документов.

Раздел 2.
Business Etiquette. Telephoning. Business Letters.
2.1. (7 x 1 points) Business etiquette. Complete the telephone talk with the appropriate telephone phrases. Write your answers in the boxes.
The Engineering Co. Can ___(1)___?

Дополнительная информация

Hold ___(3)___ I’m ___(4)___ .
Hello, are ___(5)___ ?
I’m sorry, ___(6)___ .
Thank you. Good bye.
___(7)___ .

2.2. (4 points) Supply the correct order of the telephone conversation. Write your answers in the boxes.
a.Can you spell that, please?
c.My name´s Moleda, Guillermo Moleda.
d.No, it´s all right. I can call back later. Goodbye.
e.Right. Hold the line, please. I´m sorry. I´m afraid there´s no answer. Can I take a message?
f.Valentine Paints. Can I help you?
g.Who´s calling?
h.Yes, it´s Guillermo, G-U-I-double L-E-R-M-O, Moleda, M-O-L-E-D-A.
i.Yes. Can I speak to Mr Evans, please?

2.3. (5 points) Supply the correct order of the following Memorandum. Write your answers in the boxes. Then rewrite it according to the rules of letter writing.
A.Date: 24 April
B.From: Personnel Manager
C.I also doubt his ability to manage large-scale projects, until he has acquired more experience.
D.I think he would be a great asset to the company.
E.In conclusion, I would recommend John Priestly for the position of District Manager.
F.On 23d April, I interviewed the two most promising applicants for the position of District Manager.
G.Subject: Job interview results

Раздел 3.
Reading and comprehension.
3.1. (6 x 1 points) The organization is in trouble. Match the problems with the correct departments. Write your answers in the boxes.
a.Cash flow is much worse than I thought
b.One of the robots on the assembly line has stopped working
c.The unions have just asked for another10%
d.There’s something wrong with the network: all the screens have gone blank
e.There´s a national newspaper on the phone. They want to talk about water pollution near the factory
f.There´s a national newspaper on the phone. They want to talk about water pollution near the factory
g.We have ten lorries waiting outside the main warehouse and there´s nothing to put in them
3.Information Technology
6.Public Relations

3.2. (8 x 1 points) Complete the text with the words from the list. Write your answers in the boxes.
Most (1) … also differentiate their products bу (2) … them. Some manufacturers, such as Yamaha, Microsoft, and Colgate, use their name (the "family name") for all their products. Others market various products under individual (3) … names, although many (4) … are unaware оf the name оf the manufacturing (5) … . For instance, Unilever and Proctor & Gamble, the major producers оf soap powders, famously have а (6) … strategy which allows them to compete in various market segments, and to fill (7) … in shops, thus leaving less (8) … for competitors.
h.shelf space

3.3. (10 points) Translate the following text into Russian.
Labour Mobility
Theoretically, labour is the most mobile of the factors of production both occupationally and geographically. Economic history provides strong evidence of great movements of labour from one industry to another and from one region to another. During the 19-th century millions of people left Europe to settle in North America. The last quarter of the 18-th century saw the beginning of the great migration of the British people from the country to the town, a movement which is still taking place. More recent times have seen a large-scale movement of labour from the Mediterranean lands to the industrial nations in north-west Europe. Most of these movements took place over long periods of time, and in most cases there were several political, economic, and social pressures stimulating the movements. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that labour is not very mobile geographically. Regions no more than 100 miles apart often record very different unemployment rates. In the 1930s some areas of the UK experienced unemployment rates as high as 60% while others had such rates well below 10 %. I


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