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Английский, вариант 2 (Inflation)

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Вариант № 2.
(Выполняется студентами, фамилии которых начинаются
с букв О – Я).
Раздел 1.
Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises.
1.1.(5 points) Phonetics. Find in which line ‘U’ has the same pronunciation in every word. Tick (√) the correct variant(s) in the boxes.
1: duty, execute, mute, bugle, cue, due, fusion
2: fur, curl, occur, curtain, current, burden
3: cure, during, cucumber, cushion, bluish, burial

1.2. (10 x 1 points) Supply the articles where necessary. Write your answers (a, an, the or ‘−’) in the boxes.
As it was ___(1)___ trial order Rossexport found it possible to give ___(2)___ Buyers ___(3)___ 2% discount off ___(4)___ value of ___(5)___ contract. That settled ___(6)___ price problem. After ___(7)___ engineers discussed all the matters ___(8)___ Managing Director of Rossexport invited Mr. Walker to visit ___(9)___ Bolshoi Theatre to see ___(10)___ ballet performance there.

1.3. (10 x 1 points) Supply the prepositions where necessary. Write your answers in the boxes.
a)We have bought some carpets lately ___(1)___ a lower price. – Then I’m sure their quality is worse than the quality ___(2)___ our carpets. You will see it yourself if you come ___(3)___ our shop. We are open ___(4)___ 7 o’clock ___(5)___ the evening. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied ___(6)___ the quality.
b)You should take ___(7)___ consideration that the reliability ___(8)___ these compressors is different ___(9)___ that ___(10)___ the previous model.

1.4. (10 x 1 points) Supply the correct tense and voice. Write your answers in the boxes.
a)– How long your friend __(1)__ (to learn) Spanish? – For 2 years.
b)Last month Lavrov had to go on business to London. Before he ___(2)___ (to go) there he ___(3)___ (to discuss) some business matters with his director.
c)It began snowing after I ___(4)___ (to come) home.
d)– Have you sent for the doctor?
– Yes, the doctor ___(5)___ (to send) for a few minutes ago.
e)The world exhibition ___(6)___ (to arrange) lately.
f)The goods ___(7)___ (not to deliver) on time because the plant was heavy with orders.
g)– When ___18)___ (to complete) the construction of the new hotel?
– It ___(9)___ (to complete) by last June.
h)Accommodation ___(10)___ (to reserve) for Lavrov before he left for London?

1.5. Use the correct forms of Complex Object/Complex Subject. Write your answers in the boxes.
1.I heard ___(6)___ (somebody, to call) my name.
2.When I came to the beach I saw ___(7)___ (they, to swim).
3.When do you want ___(8)___ (the new computers, to advertise)?
4.You expect ___(9)___ (a new feature film, to broadcast) today, don’t you?
5.We would like ___(10)___ (new models, to introduce) into the market.

1.6. In the sentences below, identify the one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect. Write your answers (letters A, B, C or D) in the boxes and make the corrections.
1.The office assistant doesn’t know where did Mrs. Park go, but he says is sure she will return before 3:30, so we can speak with her later this afternoon.
2.Surprisingly, it was discovered that the best service was found in countries where is the labour supply both abundant and cheap.
3.This figure could yield a return enough high to provide a healthy pension.
4.Have warning of the danger, I took extra precautions.
5.I had to make so many international calls last month that now I am faced at a

1.7.Translate into English.
2.Каждый год в городе строится много новых зданий.
3.После того, как контракт был подписан, представителей фирмы пригласили в ресторан.
4.Почему вы пришли так поздно? Вам следовало бы прийти пораньше, так как обсуждение вопроса, который вас интересует, уже началось.
5.К предложению должен быть приложен каталог, а также технические характеристики оборудования.
6.Спрос на эту модель очень велик. Мы не можем согласиться с тем, что наши цены не обоснованы. Однако если вы пожелаете увеличить заказ, мы мо

Дополнительная информация

Раздел 2. Business etiquette. Complete the telephone talk with the appropriate telephone phrases. Write your answers in the boxes.
Petrov:Hello, Mr. Green’s secretary. What ___(1)___ ?
Could ___(2)___ ?
Who ___(3)___ ?
This is Mr. Petrov from the Russian Trade Delegation.
Just ___(4)___ . Sorry ___(5)___ can you hold on?
Yes, ___(6)___ .
Hello, you can ___(7)___ .
Thank you.

2.2. Supply the correct order of the telephone conversation. Write your answers in the boxes.
a.Fine. Good bye, Mr. Stanley.
b.Glad to meet you, Mr. Black. Take a sit, please. Did you have a good trip?
c.Good bye, Mr. Black.
d.Good morning! I’m Black. Here is my card.

2.3. Rearrange the parts of the letter into the correct order. Write your answers in the boxes. Then rewrite it according to the rules of letter writing.
a.Amy Watson
b.Dear Mr. Cambell,
c.Our plant has started producing new motors. The goods are of high quality.
d.Sincerely yours,
e.Subject: new motors

Раздел 3.
3.1. The organization is in trouble. Match the problems with the correct departments. Write your answers in the boxes.
a.I’m very sorry, sir. I’ve tried to reach his secretary several times but there is no reply.
b.If this doesn’t work, I’ll send an engineer to you this afternoon.
c.If we don´t start producing some more useful ideas soon, they´ll close down the laboratory....

3.2. Complete the text with the words from the list. Write your answers in the boxes.
In addition to famous (1) … ’ brands, there are also (2) … ’ and retailers’ brands. Furthermore, most large supermarket (3) … now offer their "own-label" brands, many оf which are made bу one оf the (4) … manufacturers.
Brand names should bе easy to recognize and remember. They should also bе easy to pronounce and, especially for international brands, should not mean something (5) … in а foreign language!
Besides а name and а (6) … , many brands also have easily recognizable packaging. Of course packaging should also bе (7) … : in other words, the container or wrapper should protect the product inside, bе informative, convenient to open, inexpensive to produce,
and (8) … (preferably biodegradable).

3.3. Translate the following text into Russian.
Inflation is overall increase in prices over a certain period of time. The rate of inflation is often in the headlines of newspapers. However, inflation isn’t really news.
There are lots of ways to measure inflation. One of the most popular ways is the “retail price index”. Some of the goods are weighted more heavily than others because they are more important. For example, the cost of food will be weighted more than the cost of a cinema ticket, because a 5% increase in food is more important than a 10% increase in the cost of seeing a film. Inflation is worked out from an average of all the price increases in the basket.
Inflation can happen for a number of reasons. The first is the one in which the demand for goods and services is greater than the supply available. This is “demand-pull inflation”. Demand-pull inflation can happen when the economy is growing fast. When customers want to spend money on goods and services but there are not enough of them to satisfy the demand, the prices rise accordingly. “Cost-push inflation” happens when production costs – the cost of raw materials, energy and wages – are rising. Producers then pass these increases on to consumers by rising prices.
Inflation has several consequences, all of which are bad. First, because the real value of money tends to decline, lenders of money, such as banks, lend money at a higher interest rate. This makes borrowing more expensive, and thus may cause prices to rise even further. Second, there are many groups of people whose incomes are fixed or rise slowly. Old age pensioners are examples of one of these groups. In a period of inflation, the living standards of these people fall, and, as a result, they suffer hardships.


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